MyBlogGuest First Google Hangout this Friday

  • Date:  Friday, August 31, 2012
  • Time:  3pm GMT
  • Where: Google+
  • Frequency:  Every LAST Friday of every month
  • Note: Please bookmark this post. If there is any issue with the hangout or any changes, return back to this post for an update, either in the post or in the comment section.

Yes! MyBlogGuest is entering the elite (ok, maybe not elite) group that will be using Google+ Hangouts to, uh, hang out! Also, this hangout will be streamed live and available on YouTube (barring any technical issues).

MyBlogGuest “On Air”

MyBlogGuest’s First Google+ Hangout (and subsequent hangouts, for that matter) will be viewable, streaming on Google+, as well as archived on YouTube. So, for those of you who won’t be able to make it, you can also view it after the fact. That said, we still need some of you to participate so that there is something to watch! Search for “google hangout” on to get an idea of what others have done.

You will find everything from the really animated fun group of people hanging out, to interesting discussions and dialog, to webinars, to panels with interactive features (like answering questions presented through the chat window, from viewers). There are so many options with Google+ Hangout, and you, as a part of the MyBlogGuest community, have an opportunity to be a part of it from the start, helping to form what YOU want with this event.

You will want to arrive online early enough to be one of the lucky 10 to be a part of the hangout. Feeling a little shy? That’s ok, you can also view it. But, hey, we would love to have you participate live, as well!

Got the Google+ Hangout Jitters?

New to the hangout process? A little fearful of getting on camera? That’s ok, there are some great videos out there, including this one from Ileane Smith, talking about overcoming fear of being “on air.”\

Preparing for your first Google Hangout?

Keep in mind that you will, ideally, want to have a headset to minimize the possibility of excess noise and feedback. If you are in the hangout and there is a problem, you can also mute your mic (fastest way to stop feedback when it is caused by your mic).

Please visit Googleto install the plugin (if you haven’t already), before the hangout. Try it out. Hang out with your friends, if you haven’t already and see how it works.

Looking forward to “seeing” you on Friday at the MyBlogGuest Google Hangout!

Deborah is no stranger to the camera or stage, as a Los Angeles Jazz singer (aka Deborah E or “Lady D”), using social media to reach her growing fan base. She is also a writer, covering topics related to social media, as well as art, technology, and psychology. She is the Community Building Strategist for, including the Google+ Hangouts, the newest addition to the awesome features and services of MyBlogGuest! You can follow her @SocialWebCafe.

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Deborah Anderson

Deborah Anderson, of SocialWebCafe.TV, is the social media strategist at MyBlogGuest and she hosts the MyBlogGuest monthly hangouts. Join her (@SocialWebCafe) on the weekly #MyBlogGuest Twitter Chats, and of course, these Google+ monthly MBG hangouts. Deborah loves hangouts so much that she now teaches professionals how to use Google+ hangouts and take them to the next level.
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  1. Chakri

    HI, I am interested to join. But i am from India. may i know the timings in india. so that i will be ready with headphones and mic


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