This chat is different from the ones we used to have.

It was held and moderated by our very own moderator Don Sturgill, with the most active chat participants David B. Faltz and Alex H Yong, and newly joined activist Marissa.

That’s why we are so happy that MyBlogGuest is a community-driven platform!

So, this is how our mods and members see and use MyBlogGuest.

Let’s just start with a reminder:

My Blog Guest provides a safe and productive place for writers and publishers to meet and help one another out. It’s easy to register and start – just sign up (it’s free!).

We have three distinct groups of members: Writers, Publishers (website owners), and Both …

Let’s begin with publishers:

  • You will first want to register your site(s).
  • Go to: MY MENU tab > dropdown to Add/Edit Sites & Tags > Add Site

Do you know why My Blog Guest requires publishers to register the blogs and other websites for which they are seeking content?

Yes! The MBG platform has people and tools in place to protect both writers and publishers from spammers, scammers and ying-yangs. By the way, you are invited to join our Mastermind discussion each week in the My Blog Guest G+ Community. Come learn and grow with us on Google Plus!

Publishers: notice you can also get the WP Plugin when you register your site. The WP Plugin is not required. But it is pretty cool. And, it’s free!

Go to the MBG Academy on Udemy to learn more.

  • Publishers who have joined MBG (free) and have registered the sites for which they seek content, should go find some articles you like and make an offer for them in the Articles Gallery.

NOTE: My Blog Guest also has an Elite Articles Gallery. Writers must qualify to place articles there. Be sure to take a look at Infographics and eBooks Galleries as well.

  • In the Articles Gallery, you can browse articles by Category or you can Search by Tag and Text. When you find an article you want, click on [Offer (free!)]. Then leave a Comment for the writer, explaining why you are the best choice.

HINT: Don’t skimp on the Comment. Show the writer you are capable of taking care of his or her hard work.

  • Let writers know the topics you want and the criteria you need by submitting an Article Request.

Click on Article Requests, then look down for the golden box saying, “Submit New Request – Free!” With Article Requests, writers pitch their ideas to you. Instead of looking for articles, articles come looking for you.

Then, visit the other Forums. Plenty of good information and prime opportunities to make connections there.

Now … how can writers get the most from the My Blog Guest platform? What should they do differently?

  • Register for membership
  • Though, writers won’t need to register a website. Rather, they will want to LOOK for websites (publishers)
  • The next best move for writers is to go ahead and check out the Forums and get look around the site.
  • Say “Hello” to the MBG team in the Welcome Forum.
  • Check out the “Looking for a guest author” forum to see who needs what.
  • Then … take a look at Article Requests. The inclination will be to go there first, but I suggest saving it for last.

This is where writers who are new to My Blog Guest are faced with a big decision. Some of the MBG features are available to Premium (paid) members only. Generally, this affects writers, not publishers.

  • Premium features include: The Private Forum (can’t tell you. It’s secret).
  • Posting articles in the General Gallery or Elite Gallery
  • Seeing complete information about Article Requests

With MBG, writers can concentrate on writing, while the MBG platform does much of the work of finding a publisher. Here’s a link to the “How do I upgrade” page.

Wishing you all an excellent Thursday. Thank you for joining the My Blog Guest Twitter Chat. Hope to see you next week. 1100-1200 EST.

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Founder at MyBlogGuest
Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the platform.

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