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This is our last chat of April, so we’ll change a format a bit. We won’t have the usual PUSH Thursday where we would discuss some good examples of guest articles. We won’t put our members in the spotlight for the time being.

Instead, we’ll make it an educational edition where we will share very BEST content marketing tips of the month.

So let’s get started:

Two on Creating GREAT Content

1. How you can create content that generates 40000 targeted visitors by @backlinko via @noahkagan

Greatest quote:

…when you hit your WordPress “publish” button, you’re one of 1,999,999 other people doing the exact same thing…

That’s a very impressive way to show us WHY we need to be serious about standing out!

2. How to create content that goes hot on Buzzfeed via @leverable by @GuestBlogTips

This one is special. Besides being an actually great educational read, it also comes straight from ViralContentBuzz dashboard – The day will come when ALL great articles I find will be through #VCBuzz dashboard. I’ll have nowhere else to look!

Greatest quote:

Questions can be a great way to hook the reader. You may want to consider using them in titles since the data shows they tend increase the likelihood that your post will go viral.

Two On Promoting Your Content

3. 17 Advanced Methods for Promoting Your New Piece of Content by @IAmAaronAgius

Any time you mention someone, interview someone, include a link to someone’s article, etc., email that person to let them know you’ve done so.

Aaron’s article is great but it misses one important tip: ViralContentBuzz 🙂 So far it’s the most efficient promotional method for my content.

4. Content Promotion: The Difference Between Brands with Fans & Anonymous Content by @LarryKim of @Wordstream

Greatest quote:

Content promotion matters because SEO is a terrible tactic for brand building. SEO allows you to target people who know what they’re looking for but aren’t sure where to get it.

Two on Google Plus

5. A Comprehensive Study of Content and Brand Visibility on Google+ – GOLD one via @dejanseo

Greatest quote:

I’ve noticed that posts in which I show enthusiasm and excitement tends to do better. Examples: YES! Finally! WOW! OMG! Whoa!

6. 10 Smart Tips to Leverage Google+ for Increased Web Traffic via @Moz : From images to +Post Ads (Google Plus ads), this articles covers best Google Plus sharing tips.

Greatest quote:

By also adding your circles and select individuals to your share settings, this triggers a notification for those users that you’ve shared a post directly with them.

Also check out #myblogguest articles on Google Plus: How to Build Your Author Brand on Google Plus and How to Share Your Guest Post on Google Plus

So we have the reading list that (when taken properly) should last us till the end of May. Now, down to the reading and implementing! See you next week: Thursday 11 am EDT


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