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Today’s #myblogguest chat was “special edition”: We were talking about the recent Google update and our revised self-linking rules.

Last week’s Google update was not a surprise but we had to take measures because of the increased publicity and FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt).

The key: our rules have not changed. MBG has always preached “quality” and “non-made-for-links” content.

However since not many people get *guest blogging* we now have to keep a closer eye on our main rules being observed.


Linking Rules:

Let’s list our linking rules first:

  • You don’t build links with guest blogging -> you *earn* them by providing quality
  • Links should be relevant to content. That’s NOT writing about apples to link to apples BUT staying in the same line. For example, apples & SEO => NOT relevant; apples & recipe apps => relevant
  • No more than ONE *self-serving* link (total!) per article (that’s NOT about linking to relevant tools, news & stats sources, etc). You are free to link to your social media profiles, resume pages, G+ pages, etc as well. +++ Google seems to treat brand links with less suspicion, so when in doubt, use them!

The main RULE: Your links should be useful and relevant. They must make perfect sense -> No link-dropping!

The Tips

  • For relevancy -> Please re-focus your content. Here are some essential tips.
  • For making things natural -> Do add other (not yours) links to useful “further reading”, apps, image credits, etc
  • Vary your self-linking: Link to your brand properties outside your domain (sm profiles, etc) -> own branded search results

For publishers -> Mind your own editorial guidelines. Make sure you are linking to relevant and useful sites

I understand it’s getting more difficult to get links, but it’s not worth taking the risks.

Get more creative! Vary your self-linking: Link to your brand properties outside your domain.

Join us next week 3 p.m. GMT / 11 a.m. EDT for more guest blogging tips and help!

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4 Responses to “#MyBlogGuest Self-Linking Rules Update”

  1. Karen @ Pledging for Change

    Gr8 chat today 🙂 And some great info many thanks. I am going to set a few days next week to go through all of my guest blog posts to RE ALIGN any links that look non relevent into a sentence or phrase that will have more relevancy. It’s going to be a big job I know that but as you say we had best be safe and keep within the new Penguin guidelines.
    Ok that a panda, a penguin maybe next time will be a walrus?????? Any guesses guys?

  2. JImmy Simond

    Ya its true, we should post relevant articles in our blogs, and remember the link must be relevant to the content. Even I too follow this rule, and within a few months my blog got PR.


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