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Another informative Google+ Hangout in September, featuring helpful hints, as well as an announcement of Viral Content Buzz, by Gerald Weber. Ann and Gerald have been researching and putting together VCB to meet the needs that they identified in the social media and blogging community.

***Please note: The next MyBlogGuest Google+ Hangout is scheduled for October 27, 2012 at 3pm GMT (4pm BST / 11am EDT / 10am CDT / 8am PDT).***

Ann’s note: Here’s the full video of the last month’s hangout. Also, our very own Social media strategist Deborah Anderson was awesome enough to create takeaways video for us:

Article Quality Guidelines

Phil, MyBlogGuest’s own Editor-In-Chief, shared about quality guidelines in the article gallery and what he looks for when reviewing submitted articles. Here is Phil’s checklist:

  • Good English.
  • Subheadings.
  • Paragraph breaks.
  • Article angle.
  • Links.
  • Images.

Guest Blogging Etiquette

Gerald shared an anecdotal example to teach us about “Guest Blogger Etiquette” and being conscious of the blog owner’s interests.

The MyBlogGuest Community

The MyBlogGuest Community was described as helpful and a lot of sharing. This sharing goes on in the forums, as well as the opportunity, now, with

MBG WordPress Plugin

Ann has done it again, in offering the awesome MyBlogGuest WordPress Plugin. It saves time and streamlines the process from within the blog. The plugin is definitely worth checking out here.

Viral Content Buzz

Gerald and Ann have put together a sharing site that focuses on quality of articles and the “no obligation” sharing, as well as rewarding those who have more social influence while still allowing those who have less social influence or authority to participate. This sharing site is built to appeal to bloggers, no matter where they are at in their blogging path. Also, Gerald mentioned that for those with limited time availability, there will be an option to pay for credits, in the future. That said, Viral Content Buzz will always be *free* just like MyBlogGuest is free.

Next MyBlogGuest Google+ Hangout: Update

The next MyBlogGuest Google+ Hangout is scheduled for October 27, 2012 at 3pm GMT (4pm BST / 11am EDT / 10am CDT / 8am PDT).

Do you have some topics or questions you would like covered? Please visit the MyBlogGuest Facebook page and post your questions or topic suggestions and we will add them to the topic list.

Watch for an announcement post, here at to find out the link to the Google+ Event page for the upcoming hangout. Also, you can watch that Google+ page for the live link to join the Hangout and ask your questions live, in front of our MyBlogGuest community. This is your opportunity to share your tips on how you use MyBlogGuest. If you prefer not to talk or be seen and only want to watch the Hangout, you can do that, too, by visiting the Google+ page. Since the hangouts are limited to 10 spots, we ask that you only join the hangout if you would like to participate by asking a question or sharing and you are ok with your appearance being a part of the MyBlogGuest video archive of the event.

Looking forward to hanging out with you on October 27, 2012!

Deborah Anderson is the Community Building Strategist on the MyBlogGuest team. She is a columnist for, as a Los Angeles Online Examiner. In her spare time, she does projects to benefit the community and sends positive vibes. Find her on Thursdays, 11AM EST/EDT at the #MyBlogGuest Twitter Chat at @SocialWebCafe.

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Deborah Anderson

Deborah Anderson, of SocialWebCafe.TV, is the social media strategist at MyBlogGuest and she hosts the MyBlogGuest monthly hangouts. Join her (@SocialWebCafe) on the weekly #MyBlogGuest Twitter Chats, and of course, these Google+ monthly MBG hangouts. Deborah loves hangouts so much that she now teaches professionals how to use Google+ hangouts and take them to the next level.
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    I’am a big fan of Myblogguest. It keeps me updated of new topics related to various niche’s and build the relationship between guest authors and blog owners. This is perfectly good for the online blogging business :)
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