I am both passionate and excited at running such a great community as MyBlogGuest. And the main reason for that is the opportunity to network with so many great people we have there.

Yes, our members are awesome and they are eager to express their love to MyBlogGuest. I decided to start collecting the testimonials here to integrate them to our home page later on.


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David I’ve got nothing but good things to say about My Blog Guest. It’s a wonderful two way street; we’re able to deliver our expertise through our guest posts and infographics to strong, high-quality blogs, which in turn have given us not only SEO benefit, but traffic from our targeted audience. Needless to say, we are very happy with the results and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.
As a long time member of the MyBlogGuest community I can only say thank you! MBG has transformed the way I used to build relationships with other bloggers online, saving me tons of time and making the interaction hassle free. I have found both, great content for my own blog and other amazing blogs to contribute with. Victor Campos, Marketing Manager of SunsetsCostaRica.com @sunsetsCR
Rapid News NetworkJacob Maslow, owner of Rapid News Network, Marketing Director at AllergyBeGone.com I have published a lot of guest posts for rapidnewsnetwork.comEven though I published lots of my own content, most of the traffic was from the guest posts.Several have done well and gotten numerous links.The “racism in pixar 2” article went viral pretty quickly. Several others got a decent amount of traffic and continues to draw in visitors.Nearly all of my top performing articles are from the article directory and guest posts.
MBG is a rare find, a community that GENUINELY helps bloggers. It’s given me more targeted traffic, quality backlinks and the opportunity to network with like minded people. Becoming a member is a must for any blogger. Michael MeaneyMichael Meaney of Rinf @rinf_community
Kyle JudkinsKyle Judkins @kylejudkins of LostInTechnology At LostInTechnology, I have had great success with MyBlogGuest. Using MyBlogGuest, I am able to get several quality posts every month. This has allowed me to increase my posting frequency and network with other experienced and qualified bloggers. Getting good quality guest bloggers was much harder before MyBlogGuest.

MyBlogGuest has been a great timesaver for me. Before when I did a guest post campaign, I had to spend a lot time looking for blogs that accepted guest posts. But with MyBlogGuest, I save time because it is place to find bloggers looking for guest posts. I can spend more time writing instead of searching for blogs.

Not only that but some bloggers won’t openly say they are looking for guest posts except on MyBlogGuest. I remember a blogger with a PR7 blog with over 2,400 RSS readers. I would not have realized he was looking for guest posts since he didn’t mention it on his blog. But he mention his interest on MyBlogGuest. I sent him a guest post and got a great link and traffic.

Thanks, Ann, for creating this great service!

Dee BarizoDee Barizo @deebarizo of
Shannon SuetoShannon Suetos of Resource Nation @ResourceNation I started using this community around September/October of this year. I have found many quality writers for our blog at Resource Nation. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for guest bloggers for their site.
MyBlogGuest is not just a fantastic place to get guest posts – it is also a friendly, welcoming and warm community ready to help out with advice, suggestions and more. The forum has been a fantastic help our websites and to many others, and it only just getting going! James DunworthJames Dunworth @inijames of
The Disabled Shop
ShalinaShalina @cheapukbreaks of Cheapuk Short Breaks Reviewed We were looking for good quality content related to the UK for our UK Holiday Deals website and are glad we came across MyBlogGuest – it has been a fantastic experience, to be able to call on a pool of talent from the UK and beyond. We searched for unique articles and also made article requests, which have helped bulk up our UK Holiday Information section of the site, with good interesting content for our readers. We’ve established relationships with some bloggers offering them a regular spot to post their articles and look forward to uncovering new quality content bloggers via MyBlogGuest in 2011!Many thanks
MyBlogGuest has been a tremendous aid, allowing me to decrease my Alexa rank by 5 million in 3 weeks, securing an advertiser as well as promoting my website through many friendships over the Forum. I welcome every blogger to this, for it will give you an opportunity of a life-time! Sufi MohamedSufi Mohamed of The Glaring Facts @theglaringfacts
Ben DonahowerBen Donahower @iapprovethismsg of campaigntrailyardsigns.com I’m in a nice that lacks A-list bloggers or many bloggers at all for that matter. My Blog Guest has helped motivate me and learn a few best practices to dig up a few guest posts on other campaigns and elections websites while promoting my campaign yard sign blog: www.campaigntrailyardsigns.com. Since joining, I have guest blogged twice and while I’ve only seen small bumps in traffic, I continue to get hits from the sites I’ve guest blogged on and have risen nicely in the search engines.
I have been using MyBlogGuest for about a month, and i am pleased with the response i have had, every week, i submit an article, which gets picked up by other bloggers, and give me an opportunity to write on other blogs as a guest. At the same time i have also got guest writes for my own two blogs Alrayes Web Solutions & Wasim Ismail Dot Com, which is great for my readers as they get to read a nice voice regularly. Wasim IsmailWasim Ismail @wasimalrayes of Alrayes Web Solutions
William CraigWilliam Craig of WebpageFX @webpagefx WebpageFX uses MyBlogGuest as a means of promoting clients through guest blogging. Not only is it an indispensable promotional tool, it is also a great way to form and build relationships across the web. Reaching out to bloggers is a key marketing strategy these days, and MyBlogGuest is a cost-effective way of accomplishing just that! With MyBlogGuest, we have noticed positive results for many of our clients; thanks to submission to quality, relevant blogs, our clients have realized significant results.
Hi Ann, I wanted to share my success with My Blog Guest. I was introduced to your site in December and since I started using your site (January 13), I had 4 out of 4 articles included on other blogs! They were sites that I had not found on my own and all of the site owners have been very great to work with. During my initial review of your site, I had found 10 additional site owners who had related sites where my articles could be placed. Your site has saved me tons of time. I had my high school intern working on developing a possible guest blogger list prior to finding your site. In the the 2-3 hours she spent, she found only 3 or 4 sites that looked like they would be interested in a guest blogger. I found 10 -12 sites in less than one hour by using the My Guest Blog. You have created an invaluable resource and I have been telling everyone I know about the site. Thanks for creating it and I am sure that more and more people will come and use it. Hannah HamiltonHannah Hamilton of JetsetGarmentBags @JetSetBags
John HowlettJohn Howlett President of Avizagroup @avizagroup Although I signed up for you site a while ago, I didn’t really do anything with it until a few weeks back.So, I wanted to share a great success story with you. When I registered for “guest bloggers” for my blog,www.avizagroup.com/letstalkwithin minutes I started to receive offers. That was impressive.The next day I reviewed the list, checked-out bio’s and areas of specialty. I selected a terrific writer, who was very
flexible on content and an absolute pleasure to work with on an article post. His name is Brett Brohl CEO ofwww.scrubadoo.com

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  1. Bharati Ahuja

    Hi Ann,

    Must say that MBG is a great initiative and I am sure everyone even remotely involved has benefited from it.

    A member benefits both ways whether it is submitting articles for guest blogging or getting articles for your blog. There is a mutual benefit and your friendly and helpful way of interacting with members adds more value to it.

  2. Lorena

    Great site and idea i will try your service, I read an article in seomoz and they site this method is very very good. Good luck greetens. lorena

  3. Craig

    Hi Ann,
    I admire your passion for MyBlogGuest.

    The site has become an important tool in keeping the content flowing on my site, and the community you've built up has been truly supportive.

    Thank you for your dedication,

  4. Mobility Aids

    I'm a newbie to the site but from reading through your testimonials it seems just the place I am looking for to share and source content articles and posts. Best sign up thanks!



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