My Blog Guest is four years old this year. It’s hard to believe! We are seriously thinking about redesign that’s badly needed. We’ve been adding so many features that we couldn’t afford the time to beautify them!

My personal New Year’s resolution is to make MyBlogGuest neat in 2014!

And to prove that we are serious we have already undergone two re-branding efforts:

  • We had our official blog redesigned
  • We changed our logo

Here’s our thinking behind the new logo: We wanted something sleek and minimal while preserving the traditional concepts of creativity and collaborating.

Here’s the effort visualized:

MyBlogGuest logo story

Now meet our new logo:

MyBlogGuest logo

You can download it here

And we already had some creative artworks with it:


MyBlogGuest wall

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Founder at MyBlogGuest
Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the platform.

6 Responses to “Meet New MyBlogGuest Logo (It Is Official!)”

    • Philip Turner

      You mean it’s not real??? so that 3D writing/logo on the wall that looks super-cool isn’t real either then?

      Seriously, the way that it is still instantly recognisable and embodies simplicity is genius and the perfect example of good logo design

  1. Don Sturgill

    There’s nothing more elaborate than simplicity. I’m looking forward to seeing the platform grow and become more efficient at helping writers and publishers succeed. Good work!


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