myblogguest on Google HangoutMyBlogGuest hung out on Friday, November 30th for our monthly hangout. We started something new with shorter hangouts, but two of them, to open up the schedule for more opportunities for the community to join in or tune in to watch live.

Our participants for this hangout included: Phil Turner (MBG moderator in chief), Gerald Weber (co-founder of Viral Content Buzz), Michael Cohn (MBG user), Deborah Dera (MBG user), Mar Rod (MBG user), and Deborah Anderson (MBG social media strategist and event host).

We discussed several topics in these two sessions.

Catchy Headlines

What is it that makes you want to click on an article and read more? Each of the panelists discuss their ideas of what makes a good headline, along with a tip on where you can get more headline ideas.

Moderator Tips

Phil discusses some of the items that may flag a moderator review in MyBlogGuest.

Relevant Links

A common topic, relevant linking, and a couple tips on how to approach the linking methods in the guest post writing process.

Image Licensing

Phil discusses the concern about commercial use image licensing.

Phrase Express

A surprise gem, a recommendation on a tool that will help with text that you type repeatedly.

Viral Content Buzz

Ann Smarty and Gerald Weber started Viral Content Buzz, and in this segment, Gerald talks about the new features, as well as some exciting, upcoming additions to Viral Content Buzz.


StumbleUpon, as a social sharing platform, can really help an article go viral. Watch this segment for tips on how to submit an article on StumbleUpon.

Bios on Articles

MyBlogGuest has really been chatting about bios, in this hangout, as well as the #MyBlogGuest Twitter Chat. Join us on both, to contribute, and to learn more about bios, especially as it relates to Google.

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See you there!

Deborah Anderson is the MBG social media strategist, as well as the host for the MyBlogGuest monthly hangouts. Through all the fun with the hangouts, she is writing a book on the subject. Join her, as @SocialWebCafe on the weekly #MyBlogGuest Twitter Chats, and of course, these Google+ monthly MBG hangouts.

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Deborah Anderson

Deborah Anderson, of SocialWebCafe.TV, is the social media strategist at MyBlogGuest and she hosts the MyBlogGuest monthly hangouts. Join her (@SocialWebCafe) on the weekly #MyBlogGuest Twitter Chats, and of course, these Google+ monthly MBG hangouts. Deborah loves hangouts so much that she now teaches professionals how to use Google+ hangouts and take them to the next level.
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