Ann_and_Sana_at_pubconOctober was a bit different from the previous months. Though it was same busy or even busier than usually, it was a bit more exciting. We introduced our eBooks Gallery, shared tips for authors how to find blogs for their articles, we gathered an amazing collection of wisdoms from our mastermind discussions at Google Plus community.

And the first time MyBlogGuest was presented at pubcon in Las Vegas! It was a good experience for us. Let’s hope to get use of it in future!

We’d like to thank Deborah Anderson who was there at the pubcon exhibition hall explaining people what MBG is and how it works. We’d like also to thank our awesome moderators who covered our backs at that time: Olga Goldina, Don Sturgill, Shannon Hutcheson, Phil Turner, and Min Min.

And here we go: our monthly guest posts round up! Enjoy!

1. 5 International Events For Mobile App Developers (over at Trim your sails to the wind – don’t miss these topnotch events recommended to you by Annie Wallace, if you want to lead the van.

2. Winter Skin Care Tips For Women (via Arrived just in time. Up-to-date info from for you to stay healthy and beautiful, so that to enjoy the upcoming winter season all the way.

3. Batman: Can Ben Affleck Cut It As The Dark Knight? (via Really interesting one brought to us by John Garrett of, though should admit that it lost a bit due to overwhelming quantity of ads. Anyway, if you are a Batman (or Ben Affleck’s fan) be sure to check it.

4. Easy DIY Steps To VOIP Soft Phone Setup (over at Really easy and really useful manual by Aditi Tyagi from will guide you step by step through the setting up process of your soft phone.

5. Top WordPress Design Ideas For 2013 (over at With these tips by Nolan Kido you will see for yourself that creating a beautiful and good site is far not always as complicated as you might have thought.

6. Acquired Brain Injuries (via Heaven forbid you ever to face it! But Erin Warbrook of believes that this is exactly the case when be informed means to be equipped. So… heads up!

7. Online Market Buzz: Real Branding Is Earned, Not Made (via Really amazing piece by Debra Wright of which idea I loved from the very title. Especially that we share same ideas: no matter what it is about, either your brand maintenance or link building, when it concerns real people and your reputation, you can just earn it, but hardly make.

8. Top Lifestyle Tips for Bloggers (over at For you and for me and for all of us πŸ™‚ John Miller of claims that offline life also exists. Are you sure that you don’t miss anything and live it to the fullest?

9. How Avid Travelers Can Reduce Their Carbon Footprint (via If you want to change the world you’d better start with yourself. – I think that was the main message by Jessy from

10. How Mathematicians And Psychologists Cheat Gamblers (over at In addition to this fun article by Frank Lavario of you will find a great infographic. Are you in the list? πŸ™‚

11. 5 Safety Tips For Driving While Pregnant (via Really was surprised to find out that those tips were provided by a man. And must say that it made them even more worthy of attention. Thanks to Andrew Handley of and take care girls!

12. A Five-Year Career Plan Will Make You Successful (over at Have you ever thought that you dreams also need to be planned and scheduled? Peter of says that’s an essence of your future success and absolutely new life.

13. 7 Unforgettable Things To Do In Florida (and none of them are in Orlando) (via I’m pretty sure that you’ll start planning your next trip right after reading this amazing article by M.-J. Taylor. So, see you soon in Florida? πŸ™‚

14. 3 Mac Photoshop Alternatives For Graphic Designers (over at Sam Wright of has tried all the three in the list, that’s why be sure that he knows what he’s talking about.

15. 15 Great Apps for All Freelance Designers – from Stickers to The Web (via Another great list for designers this time by Cormac Reynolds.

16. Top Games on Android for Halloween (over at Aleksandar from knows how to make your phone really fun and scary. Let’s play?

17. Own A Classic Or Vintage Car? Consider Putting It In The Good Hands Of Allstate Car Insurance (via For some people their car is a pure baby. If you are one of them you’d better tune to Jeffery Davidson of, and be sure you are in good hands.

18. Enchanting Rome – 5 Romantic Activities For You And Your Loved One (over at In fact I’m sure that you will figure out much more than five when there, but Holly Williford of chose the best ones for you. Bellissimo!

19. Ski Resorts Lifting Their Social Media Efforts (via If you want your brand to be in trend no wonder you are fishing for clients in social networks. Brian Neese of knows all the angles.

20. MyBlogGuest: How Do I Make An Article Request? (over at Sharing this might seem a bit selfish, but why not? πŸ™‚ And – by the way – have you tried it? We would love to see your comments!

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