We had to deal with one very serious issue in October: content theft. We thought we were pretty much secure but it appears we do need to develop some more options to protect our members.

Well, as they say, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, so each issue we have to deal with makes us even better!

Today’s roundup is the proof: here are guest posts which have been placed and shared through our community since September:

health1. 19 Countries with the Best Healthcare (over at healthvotes.com): medical care is what one should carefully think over, compare, and analyze before moving to another country- general idea of how it all looks like in different countries by InterFysio.com

technology2. Mobile Analytics and Local Search (over at OpportunitiesPlanet.com): a guest post by Thomas Stone of technected.com on how to better optimize your local search targeting people who use their Smartphones when looking for what they need around the local area.

food3. 5 Reasons Interior Design Makes Coffee Taste Better (on espressodeco.com/blog): a lot of people share the opinion that food should not only be tasty but look good as well (for better taste). Victoria of gulvafslibningpriser.com also knows how to make your coffee taste better – this could be useful for coffee lovers.

health4. The American Diabetic Diet and Diabetes (on american-diabetic-diet.org): Brenda Lyttle of slimmingpath.com points some important diet ingredients for diabetics to make their living healthier and more comfortable in general.

business5. 4 Things to Consider when Selecting ERP Systems (over at practicalpmjournal.com): Enterprise Resource Planning systems can be of great help for owner-managers. Rashed Khan of epicor.com knows what aspects to cover when you chose the one for your enterprise.

technology6. How To Get The Most Out Of Your Ecommerce Product Pages (over at capturedtech.com): simplicity, ease of navigation, useful and complete information, expert opinions, and some more ways in details by Neil of emobilescan.de

business7. Top 5 Features of an Effective CRM (on ismagazine.com): George Peterson of webcrm.com on choosing the right Customer Relationship management tool for your business to get the most out of it.

technology8. 5 Best Practices for Guest Blogging as a Site Owner (on webmasterformat.com): we all know that guest blogging can bring additional exposure to both parties: a blogger and a guest writer. It’s never extra to know how you could benefit from it with Missy Diaz of seo-doctor.co.uk

technology9. How to Choose Your Next Car (over at completeinsurance.ca): purchasing a new car requires thorough preparation especially if you are limited in budget. You even might want one from thefigaroshop.co.uk

business10. Practical Tips for Saving Money at College (over at debt-consolidation-2u.com) by Amy Johnson of advanceme.com. College topics become more popular when a new semester starts, and some saving tips would be just in hand.

lifestyle11. Eagles Looking Strong in 2011/2012 (on fryingpansports.com): this article by Shanna Laub of eagleseyeblog.com is not about birds, sure you got it.

family12. How to Treat an Unresponsive Dog: 9 Ways & Methods (on allaboutlabradors.blogspot.com): practical advice from Louis Liem of atozdogbreed.com: every dog can be good – it’s all about education.

technology13. Tech Glasses Bring Computers Closer Than Ever (over at ismagazine.com): types of glasses, their advantages, applications, and the way they changed a computer world for ever by Jerry of directsight.co.uk

entertainment14. 7 Crazy Celebrity Product Endorsements (over at people.bukiki.com): we think they are crazy, but still love them: an overlook of celebrity endorsement ads by Jennifer of thewholesalecandyshop.com

entertainment15. 5 Annoying Types of People (on funcage.com): I guess there are much more than just these five, but if the author – Alden of alden-tan.com – lists them all that would be a thick book…

technology16. My Favorite WordPress SEO Plugins for 2011 (on homebiz.bukiki.com): all those numerous plugins and add-ons make it easier to live a SEO life, and every SEO person has its own favorite ones just like Endless Rise of endlessrise.com

business17. Tips for Public Speaking (over at olylife.com): speaking in public could be rather stressful or it could be nothing but joy. All depends on a number of things you should be aware of like what to say and how to do this. Several useful tips by Madison Hewerdine of insidesales.com

lifestyle18. Tips for Backpacking Europe (over at travel.bukiki.com): what could be more exciting than travelling? Well, only thoroughly planned and prepared travelling. Especially when it’s about backpacking across Europe. More details by Liz Childers of knife-depot.com

business19. Dress Up For Career Success In 2011 And Beyond (on gotfreebusinesscards.com): no matter what people say they always pay attention to the way you look. And it really matters not only for the first impression, it’s on a daily basis. So, those who what to get a promotion should take care of their clothes, shoes, hair-style, and even nails. Chris Puetz of coloradocareernetwork.com believes that conservative style is without risk.

technology20. Blog Features Vs. Blog Design (on webmaster-success.com): David of howsyourblog.com knows that great blog design is important to make people see you treat your blog seriously, but let’s not forget about those important features each blog has to contain for better usability and functionality in general.

technology21. Interior Wall Trim Adds Home Character (over at olgerfallaspainting.com): design is often a key element to make your home a place where you feel exactly this way – some decoration ideas by Katie Miller of roomations.com

technology22. All Things Considered: 6 Blogging Basics Often Overlooked (over at webtrafficroi.com): couldn’t spot myself from mentioning one more guest post about blogging by Susan Wells of insurancequotes.org

business23. Manage Contracts Using Software As A Service (SaaS) (on tech2date.com): modern technologies made it much easier to manage business contact to use them more effectively to get better exposure to your business relations – by Contract Logix

health24. 6 Ways to Spend Less on Your Contact Lenses (on fatwallet.com): comfort and beauty could be rather expensive. Though most of people look good enough wearing eyeglasses many of those who has to apply for them prefer contact lenses instead which could make a wallet thinner. Vinnie Thomas of contactlenser.com found several ways to save lenses wearers.

technology25. SEO vs PPC (over at idaconcpts.com): pros and cons of both methods in short (otherwise it would take hundreds of pages to read) by ZenSeo of zenoseo.com

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