Note from Ann Smarty: It is obvious that we here at MyBlogGuest are all for guest blogging. And we believe guest posts are great in most cases. However, we have to warn you: by opening up your blog for guest posts, you do make your blog more attractive to people who just want to build links spreading low-quality content. Our aim is to warn you: stay away from those people. Don’t publish their articles. Ignore them. Don’t let them spoil the concept of guest blogging. Don’t let guest blogging work for them!

Whether you are a hard-nosed internet marketer, a mom blogger, or both, you will no doubt be aware of Google’s recent update to its algorithm, or the Panda update as many seem to be calling it. What you may not know is the blogs, whether they be personal or business are about to be inundated with an avalanche of requests from slightly worried marketers and online money makers  wishing to make guest posts on those blogs.

If you don’t know what a guest post is, it’s essentially a piece of content written for a blog by someone who is not involved in the ownership or maintenance of that site. Terminology can sometimes be confusing because ‘guest blogs’ can be used interchangeably to describe individual pieces of content (they should be called guest POSTS) as well as the actual sites the content is posted on.

So why the sudden demand for blogs to post on?

The aforementioned Panda updated has had a real impact on those who rely on the internet as a source of income. Panda has penalised poor quality sites that host shallow irrelevant content, unfortunately exactly the kind of work that these marketers were producing, stuffed with links to sites that they had commercial interests in.

Now the playing field has been leveled and those relying on article marketing sites to gain back-links will now be turning to personal blogs, YOUR blogs. Don’t be surprised if you inbox begins getting flooded with requests from people with dodgy pseudonyms who can’t string a sentence together, the likelihood their content will feature similarly poor spelling and grammar.

Of course this is a double edged sword, if you are crying out for more content on your blog, these people could be the answer to all your prayers. Guest content writers will happily and quickly put together content on pretty much any topic, providing they are granted the freedom to insert at least one link somewhere in the post.

Now, I’m not saying everyone that approaches you with content will be a spammer, I’ve had some excellent guest writers on my blog, it just pays to be aware of those only interested in linkas, using articles as mere ‘containers’ for a link.

So what’s my advice?

If you want content, ensure there is a ‘write for us’ section on your site, or at the very least a ‘contact us’ facility. If you want to attract guest posters, then it goes without saying that you try to rank for ‘Guest post’ or ‘guest bloggers’.

The bottom line is always read the content before posting, even if you are desperate for copy on your site, publishing poorly written nonsensical drivel will only harm the credibility of your blog and drive visitors away.

Joe is a blogger for online spy shop, a company selling spy gadgets if he writes guest content he always ensures is it of the highest standard!

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5 Responses to “Opening Up Your Site for Guest Bloggers Means to Learn to Say “NO””

  1. Gabriele Maidecchi

    That's why I believe it's very important to have a clear guest posting policy up in your blog, wether you decide to host them or no (in which case, a simple "no" is indeed enough).
    Quality content isn't a given, and people tend to guest post for very wrong reasons, so it's essential to have weapons against that.

  2. Rohan

    I agree with you JOE ! Especially with the shift in focus from article marketing to guest blogging . I wouldnt be using any figure of speech if I said that I am seeing more signups on my wordpress blog for guest bloggers than RSS subscribers ! That is how intense the link building rat race has become for the chronic internet marketers !
    Thanks for the great post !

  3. Zen2seo

    Very good advices, Joe. I own several websites, one of which accepts guest posts: the most of the articles I receive are great, but I also have to refuse some every month… If someone is lookin' for good links providing a good content is the minimum required, since guest blogging is always a win-win situation.

  4. Uganda Safaris

    Great post. I have been contacted by a company to write articles for my website's blog and in return allow them insert two links per each article. I had been hesitant about the idea but you article instilled some confidence.

    Someone has suggested a guest blogging policy to ensure quality that is a good idea.



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