We continue sharing guest posts which were arranged through our guest blogging platform and shared with our members. We believe that makes us more open and you can easily imagine what’s going on there, behind the login.

Now, get inspired: all the posts featured below vary in topics, voices and focus. We weren’t picking the most interesting or the most powerful ones. The main criteria should be variety!

Here we go:

lifestyle1. Picking Gowns for Body Types (over at HerBestDeal.blogspot.com): Jennifer of BridePower.com lists body types and kinds of gowns to pick for each of them. Women are always interested in such things.

business2. Top 10 Business Ideas to Start on a Shoestring (on vredvoice.com): Smarta of smarta.com shares her ideas with those who experience lack of money to start their own business.

technology3. 6 Top Tips For A Good Link Building Campaign (on homebiz.bukiki.com): useful tips by Jessica of splashdirect.com on building a successful linkbuilding campaign.

health4. Look Slim with Layers, Prints and Fashion Accessories (on beautyandfashiontech.com): Sally Cooke of MotherOfTheBrideOutfits.org.uk is a professional adviser on fashion for women.

technology5. 10 Urban Legends of the SEO World (over at machoarts.com): this list by Jessica of schofields.ltd.uk can used as a guide to get better rankings in the SEO world.

family6. Shaving Your Cute Pup in 7 Steps (over at atozdogbreed.com): Marcy Gray of Natural-Skin-Treatment.org writes for dog owners who want to take care of their lovely furry four-footed friends and make them look more attractive with a new shaving.

technology7. Rumors on Upcoming iPhone 5 and iPad 3 (on idaconcpts.com): technology news are always widely discussed and rumored, got some more by kanetix.ca

health8. Chocolate Healthy Issues (on brightoncreative.blogspot.com): Brianna Elliott of psclife.probioticsmart.com reminds us that there are different kinds of chocolate, and that it could be really healthy.

lifestyle9. 10 Tricks To Keep Your Tent Cool (over at Always-Outdoors.com) by Marcy Gray of baby-shower-decoration-ideas.com for a great family week-end when the summer is so hot out there.

health10. Getting a Guest Blog Right: The Guide to How it’s Done (over at BlazingMinds.co.uk): a professional How To guide by Oliver Kyle of seo-creare.co.uk on guest blogging which is getting more and more popularity.

lifestyle11. How to Save Money at Miami Beach, FL (on hotels-fairy.com): Damian Davila of idaconcpts.com knows at least a couple of ways to spend less at Miami Beach. Want to find out?

technology12. 5 Easy Ways Of Android Apps Development (on PortUsbHub.com) by Mahendra Sharma of an Indian Software Development Company nichetechsolutions.com

technology13. How Single Parents Can Better Manage Money (on Billeater.com): Annie of Dobovo lists some smart ways (single) parents can use to get control of their budget.

family14. Six Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer (on gjwtitmuss.co.uk): this month we had a number of good posts related to pets in general and gods in particular, this is one more by the folks at G.J.W. of dog-exercise-pen.com

lifestyle15. Survive Vegas Without Going Broke (on FreeMoneyWisdom.com): well, Vegas is not Miami. Find more from Damian Davila of idaconcpts.com

lifestyle16. Simplicity is Back for 2012 Wedding Gowns (over at people.bukiki.com): natural and simple are those things that are always attractive. Bridget Mora of silverlandjewelry.com is sure that it will also be in fashion for 2012 brides.

entertainment17. Racism from Pixar in Cars 2 (on RapidNewsNetwork.com): racial issues don’t stop bothering people all around the world; it can be discussed, compared, and analyzed even through movies – by Ashley Page of Off-Topic Media

health18. Four Steps To A Great Looking Sunless Tan (on best-sunless-tanning-lotion.com): secrets of safe and successful sunless tanning by Amanda Revie of BeautyExpress.co.uk

finance19. 6 Tips to Save Money on Textbooks (over at FatWallet.com/blog): fall is coming so soon, so students should get ready their textbooks. Vinnie Thomas of AffordaBook.com knows how to save some money on it.

lifestyle20. Real Ale Tour Of Liverpool (over at travel.bukiki.com): where to go and what to do during your weekend in Liverpool by travelsupermarket.com

lifestyle21. Wedding Outfits You Can Wear Again And Again (on SpiralButterfly.com): guest post by Sally Cooke of motherofthebrideoutfits.org.uk for those who want to be practical in wearing clothes.

technology22. Finding Guest Post Opportunities (on OpportunitiesPlanet.com): five important points from Adam Bruk of socks4life.com to get better exposure of guest posting.

health23. German study: stress in pregnancy affects babies for life (on RapidNewsNetwork.com): Olivia of trying-to-conceive.com watches for recent studies and trying to be up-to-date with what scientists discover new for healthier pregnancy and healthier babies.

health24. Is There Any Good Weight Loss Information On The Internet (over at losethemoobs.net): a good question by a Health Science student of MotleyHealth.com and a good answer on it with some useful resources.

technology25. Startup: Kiwi Tech Takes Flight (on EvanHugh.com): Paul Spence of iwantmyname.com compares Kiwi tech firms for those who understand that it’s about a fruit.

technology26. New Top-Level Domains (over at artdriver.com): Paul Spence iwantmyname.com about the importance of domain names for global corporations and their activity.

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