August 2013 Guest Posts Roundup

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enjoyAugust was an intense month – we shared a number of tips for publishers. Hope you enjoyed it!

All the basic points of our late summer chats are gathered here: 10 Best #myblogguest Tips for Content Publishers

Now please read and share these guest posts published in August via MyBlogGuest shortly described by our moderator Olga.

family1. Your Children Are Changing Every Day – Photos Capture The Moment! (via A friend of mine, a photographer, who gave birth for the first time a short time ago, seems to capture every move of her amazing baby. And you know, I can understand her – the time is floating very quickly, and all these pics will be real treasure very soon. Lucy Literna of knows how to capture such perfect memories.

business2. How To Write A Shirty E-Mail (over at Oh, I’m always stuck when I need to write one. Being a straight person it always creates a kind of a problem for me how to do that in a correct and polite way, as I really do care the person on the other side of the screen. Keith Terrell from knows the right way how to do that. Read more »

#MyBlogGuest Experience Shared by Our Google Plus Community Members

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As a community, we encourage all possible ways to connect to our users through all sorts of outside platforms. One of the best ways to get in touch with us is through our official MyBlogGuest Google Plus community ruled by our moderator Don Sturgill.

Here are some of the most recent highlights from the Google Plus community members sharing their experience with MyBlogGuest as well as additional tips to make the most of it… Collected, quoted and referenced in a most Pinterest-friendly way – Enjoy!


Ross Hinton on getting offers to high-quality articles in the gallery (also see Ross’s contribution to the official blog here)

Too many offers

Too many people willing to publish your article -> It’s a good problem to have 🙂

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Guest Blogging for Content Marketing (Intro) #myblogguest

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*The best way to monitor and participate in a Twitter chat is by joining Twchat*

Everyone is talking about guest blogging now to the extent that we start missing the actual point of the whole thing, i.e. guest blogging is building relationships through creating and exchanging great content.

Thus guest blogging is one of the most powerful content marketing tactics: It’s about bringing your content in front of the new audience for more exposure and feedback.

Moreover, because guest blogging forces you to target different-niche bloggers, it teaches you to get immensely creative. It educates you as a content marketer and teaches you to brainstorm and brainstorm a lot.


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August 2013 Google Plus Hangout At MyBlogGuest: Takeaways!

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myblogguest-teamMyBlogGuest hung out on Friday, August 30th, for our August hangout.

The following questions were answered and discussed.

  1. What’s new? (00:01)
  2. What is Ann’s update? (00:21)
  3. What is going on in the MBG G+ Community? (02:21)
  4. What does Sana have to say? (05:22)
  5. What are MBG users saying? (Alex Yong) (05:49)
  6. What are MBG users asking? (Alex Yong) (06:11)
  7. What are the advantages to putting articles in the gallery? (06:24)
  8. What is the definition of “Free?” (07:16)
  9. What is the verified author feature in MBG? (08:24)
  10. How do I develop regular contributor relationships? (11:19)
  11. What’s new with Viral Content Buzz? (13:02)
  12. Any final thoughts? (13:59)
  13. How can I maximize the effectiveness of using Viral Content Buzz? (12:28)

We created a takeaways version of the hangout in this short video:

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How to Find Free Articles and Website Content

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This guide is by our awesome moderator Don Sturgill

Articles are easy to find. Link-builders everywhere want you to publish their work on your website. The problem is that some articles hurt you in the long run. You’re better off not publishing anything at all.

That’s a gap Ann Smarty saw, years ago. Her brainchild, My Blog Guest (MBG) has one mission: Helping you succeed at either finding great content, getting your articles published on quality websites, or both.

I won’t try to convince you of that, though; the proof is in the pudding. The only way you will know, for sure, that this isn’t just another marketing scheme … is to join up (absolutely free) and test the waters.

The first step is to registration. You won’t need a credit card for this; there is no fee. You will need about 10 minutes to get your website(s) cleared for publishing MBG articles and to get your social media information working for you.

Ready? Let’s do it!

Here’s how to get started with My Blog Guest

First, travel to the My Blog Guest home page.

How to Find Free Articles

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August 2013 PUSH Thursday #MyBlogGuest

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>>> Please follow our chat stream here<<<

Announcement: join our Google Plus Hangout tomorrow.

This month we’ll be pushing 10 guest posts published by our Google verified authors. We added this feature to the Articles Gallery last month.

But before we start let’s sum up tips we shared in August for guest posts publishers at #MyBlogGuest:

Hope you find those useful!

Now please share and comment on the below posts: Read more »

Happy Birthday #MyBlogGuest Google Hangout – this Friday (August 30) 1pm EDT

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This is the one year anniversary of the MyBlogGuest Google+ Hangouts.  Happy birthday! teamAre you ready for our August 2013 MyBlogGuest Google+ Hangout On Air? It is coming up, Friday, August 30, 2013.

MBG Hangout: 1pm EDT Google+ Event Page

Google helps us out by providing the time in our own time zone. If you click on the event, above, you will see what time it is in YOUR time zone, based on your Internet Service Provider.

You may also manually check your time zone here.

MyBlogGuest Focus on Quality

We will be talking about some of the same topics we have covered on past hangouts, but going more in-depth, with a focus on quality and how you can attain that with the tools available at MyBlogGuest.  You can get a preview, by reviewing some of the summaries, here:

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A Guide To Writing Quality Guest Posts In A New Age Of SEO

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from-myblogguest-userToday we welcome another verified author on our blog Ross Hinton! Not only is he awesome enough to join our Google Authorship for guest blogging program, he is also awesome enough to preach what we believe in, i.e. high-quality guest blogging!

For a long time, the terms ‘SEO’ and ‘quality content’ didn’t really go together. Now, they couldn’t be more connected. SEO used to be a campaign built upon quantity. It was a tactic, rather than a strategy. It was a shortcut to success. Times have changed, however, and now quality is key.

Guest blogging is a great way to get your company or brand name out on a highly reputable site. Having a blog published on is, for example, the holy grail for many a digital marketing company. Read more »

10 Best #myblogguest Tips for Content Publishers

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This week is the final one in our series showcasing MyBlogGuest best tools and practices for blog owners (“publishers”)

Let’s sum up some of the best advice we’ve given to publishers this month (and beyond):

1. Download and install MBG plugin: Not only it gives you access to the whole database of available articles; it also makes the whole process much easier (for example, it automatically notifies the author of the scheduled / published status the moment you hit “Publish” button)

2. Find regular contributors: MyBlogGuest is good for finding free articles but most importantly, it’s great for building relationships. Build the dedicated team of regular free contributors for your blog using MyBlogGuest

3. Find Google-verified authors: Using “verified” filter in the Articles Gallery opens up the live database of Google-claimed authors for you. That means (1) you adhere to Google’s guidelines and best practices and (2) You get access to real people blogging for you.

Verified author in the gallery Read more »

How to Maintain Blog Quality While Accepting Guest Contributions

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There’s a steady rumor that accepting guest contributions might negatively impact the blog quality. Here’s the truth: It’s not guest posting; it’s how you do it, dummy 🙂

Most of the hugest blogs you know enjoy (regular) contributors from guests on a weekly basis; and that’s the major reason why they grew so big: Free contributions allow them to have lots of great content daily without huge investments.

Can you name a couple of examples of such blogs? Just from top of your mind!


Now, those huge blogs were small once. They grew *together* with their contributors… But how did they start? Or better question would be “How you, as a medium-size blogger, can get big together with your contributorsRead more »