Packaging Matters! Format Your Expert Interview Properly #MyBlogGuest

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Great content should come in a great package otherwise it’s a wasted effort. Today we’ve been discussing how helps you with packaging your EPIC content our members are helping you with:

***Please read the full chat script here

There are three ways MyBlogU helps you:

  • Make your article user-friendly by adding on-page “Jump to” links (they work great for both usability and SEO especially if the article is long! Draw readers in!)
  • Feature your thought leaders properly: Generate “About participating experts” chart linking to their social profiles and informing the readers of who the contributors are (This will both incentivize the participating interviewees to share the article more and make the piece more trustworthy as well!)
  • Add contributors’ photos to make the article more “human” at a glance: Readers will see people behind content (many of whom they may recognize) and thus will be more willing to share the article on social media!

How Group Interviews Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts #myblogguest

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group-interview-trafficThis week we were talking about group interviews and how they help you bring your blog to the whole new level.

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A blog interview is question-answer section where niche experts are invited to answer specific questions within the set deadline.

MyBlogU Interviews feature helps you:

  • Create free highly-sharable content
  • Find quotes from niche thought leaders
  • Find more participants for your Twitter chats
  • Collect case studies to create a more compelling story

Adding interviews into your blog editorial calendar is a great way to expand your readership and freshen up your content to provide something a little different (source).

Learn more here

How to Brainstorm Awesome Content Ideas! #MyBlogGuest

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join-mybloguOn our weekly Twitter chat today we were talking about collective brainstorming through

**Please see feature details and project examples here

You can ask the community to help you with:

  • Unique content angles
  • Guests for your interviews and podcasts
  • Free tools and infographics for you to spice up your content
  • Case studies and first-hand experience

There are tons of opportunities! As our moderator says

The best storm is the BRAIN storm!

We are very excited about the feature! I hope you are excited as well!


How to: Create Useful Group Interview that Go Hot On Twitter #MyBlogGuest

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Today at our weekly chat we discussed how to create expert interviews and how to keep driving interview participants back to your site for more shares and reweets!

expert-interview-shared-01***Please check out the chat summary here

  • Enable “Twitter chat” option when creating your interview at (Our team will invite all the interviewees to the chat and help you promote it as well!). Twitter chats attract followers of your participants, so it will give additional exposure to your article as well as your interviewees as well: win-win!
  • Mark your interview as published at This will:
    • Auto-add your published interview to for more shares
    • Notify all the chat participants of the published interview (and thus encourage it to share it around!)
  • Set up in-line “Tweet this quote” buttons to drive your participating experts back to your site with every reader’s tweet!

Collect expert opinions, publish viral group interviews and get retweeted with @MyBlogU!

Here’s a quick presentation to explain it better:


Become THE source!

Announcing @MyBlogU: Brainstorm & Create EPIC Content #MyBlogU

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join-mybloguI have a few important announcements for our community today!

We are happy to open our newest project for public beta release! It’s still a work in progress but we are enjoying some awesome results already!

Please watch the video for a quick overview of the feature set.

The key features include: (1) Brainstorms, (2) Interviews and (3) Media

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How to Generate Free Traffic from Social Media: Push Thursday on #MyBlogGuest

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While May was all about social media advertising on a budget, this month we have talked about getting social media traffic using alternative and free social media channels. We’ve discussed

So this month’s push will be all about getting free traffic from social media: Read more »

3 Ideas for Facebook Branded Visual Content #MyBlogGuest

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There’s one thing we have determined about Facebook during one of our previous chat: Facebook brand page updates have very limited visibility.

If you are running a Facebook page and posting an update, only a very tiny part of your page followers will see it even if they are checking their streams at the very moment.

Facebook has limited the brand visibility explaining that people want to see updates from people, NOT businesses. If you are looking for more attention to your brand updates, you’ll have to buy ads.

There’s one cool workaround: Uploading images to your brand page. Photos make it to user timelines much more often without you having to pay.

***Yes, people look at photos and like them but they will seldom click the links. The good news is photos increase your page engagements, help with brand awareness and boost your “Facebook EdgeRank

Here’s some stats for Facebook sharing to keep in mind: Read more »

Pinterest Secrets and To-Do List on #MyBlogGuest

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We have already talked about social media traffic in general: 3 Traffic Generation Laws of Social Media #MyBlogGuest

I described the process of me getting established at Pinterest at @senginepeople blog and got asked about the actual traffic that I managed to generate through Pinterest.

If you come to think of it, you cannot boast huge traffic coming from Pinterest, but then again, I consider myself a newbie here… Also, traffic is not the only thing that I really care about. I also look at various types of engagements (= good for branding) and follows (= more traffic and interactions in the long run).

So what about Pinterest? How do we really start seeing results from it? Read more »

Social Media Advertising Case Studies and Resources: #MyBlogGuest PUSH Thursday

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This month we have had an exciting sub-series within the “Don’t depend on any one tactic” topic. Our sub-series is about social media advertising and the first three chats were about Facebook advertising, StumbleUpon ads and Twitter Ads on a Budget

I haven’t tried all the ads and I certainly I cannot be considered a professional in those types I actually tried, so today’s PUSH will be dedicated to other people’s case studies we can learn from…

There are not too many, so if you have any good links about social media ads, please do share! Read more »