Guest Blogging in a Difficult Niche – It’s all About The Angle!

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From an Internet marketing and SEO perspective, the concept of guest blogging truly is ideal for any small to medium size organization to succeed. It’s a common headache for many webmasters to achieve the same search engine rankings enjoyed by large, wealthy organizations whom are backed by media campaigns and other viral marketing strategies.

Search engine visibility strategies are evolving constantly. If you’re relying on organic search as your primary source of traffic, you’ll need to keep abreast of the Internet search technologies handed down by Google and Bing – for which you, me and everyone else simply must conform to.

The message of Google is not a new one and the recent panda update simply rams home the message for those who refused to listen. As of late, I have been receiving various spam emails containing numerous case studies from article spinning services and public blog syndicating networks claiming that their networks have not been affected by panda. Who are we to believe (or trust), the OFFICIAL word of Google or a bunch of case studies hashed together from slightly worried, low quality blog network owners? Read more »

MyBlogGuest Video Review from Our Member – Pretty Awesome!

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I’ve said that many times and I’ll say it again: My Blog Guest is being built solely by its members: all the features (apart from where we started: the forum) have been suggested, tested and improved by our community. We love hearing from our users and we are doing what they say: we are building the platform for them.

We love when our users share feedback and suggestions. I’ve been collecting user testimonials here, I’ve been aggregating our Twitter testimonials through our Facebook page notes and there’s a lot of feedback shared in our group (which you are welcome to join!).

We love reviews and we don’t have to pay for one: our awesome members are eager to spread love for free!

And today something awesome has happened: one of our valued members of OwlDesk, the awesome social media management company, has created a very detailed and professional video review of our platform. We couldn’t have done better!

Please watch and let me know your thoughts!

How to Write Perfect MyBlogGuest Guest Post Request & Get Hundreds of Quality Posts

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MyBlogGuest is a fantastic way for bloggers and webmasters to get some content, often quality content, from a vast pool of talent.

However, not everyone goes about it the right way! Inspired by a recent conversation on the private forum of MyBlogGuest, here are some tips for bloggers and webmasters looking to get the most out of the forum.

Establish your blog first

Almost any blog can get guest posts on MyBlogGuest. But don’t expect a new blog to get blog posts from experienced bloggers!

There are two problems with new blogs looking for content. The first is that until a blog is established, very few people are likely to see that content. The second is that experienced bloggers, who are more likely to produce quality content, will assess your website for popularity and direct their efforts elsewhere. Read more »

Why You Should not Charge for Publishing Guest Post on Your Blog – Ever!

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In a rather catastrophic, post-panda scenario, when a number of internet marketing techniques seem to be falling like nine pins, guest blogging continues to be a win-win-win situation for all parties involved.

Please note that the third ‘win’ in the above preposition is not a typo, because there are actually more than two beneficiaries in this proposition.

A good quality guest post ensures that the blog owner gets good quality content added to their blog, whereas guest author gets considerable exposure, readers get to read some valuable advice, and search engines get some fresh, good quality material to show in their results, because a big majority of guest posts are quality content because there’s a hard-hitting human editor making sure no substandard post gets the chance to go on web. Read more »

35 Inspiring Guest Articles by MyBlogGuest Members

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The largest problem with guest blogging is to get motivated. Guest blogging is optional: it doesn’t deliver fast results, so how to make yourself start and create the strategy?

Feeling inspired is one of the most effective ways to motivate yourself. And on top of all, it’s the most natural one.

The easiest way to feel inspired is to learn by example.

So here’s our next very inspiring round-up of guest articles placed due our community.

Get inspired. Get motivated. Start guest blogging! Read more »

Opening Up Your Site for Guest Bloggers Means to Learn to Say “NO”

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Note from Ann Smarty: It is obvious that we here at MyBlogGuest are all for guest blogging. And we believe guest posts are great in most cases. However, we have to warn you: by opening up your blog for guest posts, you do make your blog more attractive to people who just want to build links spreading low-quality content. Our aim is to warn you: stay away from those people. Don’t publish their articles. Ignore them. Don’t let them spoil the concept of guest blogging. Don’t let guest blogging work for them!

Whether you are a hard-nosed internet marketer, a mom blogger, or both, you will no doubt be aware of Google’s recent update to its algorithm, or the Panda update as many seem to be calling it. What you may not know is the blogs, whether they be personal or business are about to be inundated with an avalanche of requests from slightly worried marketers and online money makers  wishing to make guest posts on those blogs.

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Announcing Traffic Generation Guest Blogging Contest

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We are more than happy to announce our March contest called Traffic Generation Blogging Contest. We are always glad to take part in fun events like this one.

The contest is brought to you by:,, and

You can see all the rules and procedure on the official page. If you have ever taken part in one of our blogging contests, you are likely to know how it works. In short: write a guest post, submit, wait for it to go live, spread the word and answer all the comments.

In short: get involved and build plenty of new great contacts while on the way!

Read more »

(Guest) Blogging for a Good Cause: Alzheimer’s Blogging Competition

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We support quite a few guest blogging contests here at MyBlogGuest but this one is special and we are happy to have an opportunity to sponsor it.

>>>See the details here<<<

Very often we don’t reach out to help other people not because we don’t care, but because we are so busy.

But what if there was a way to write content for your blog or website, get the chance to win prizes and publicity AND get to do something amazing for society.

How you can enter? Read more »

Guest Blogging : Why It’s Not For You

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Let’s imagine a typical day in your life (yes I have conveniently taken the authority to say your) since every blogger has pretty much the same time table, more or less. You wake up, check your mail on your blackberry, login to all your accounts and open at least ten browser windows to surf the net! You go to your favorite site, you see someone has made a guest post there.

Alright, you read it, move on to the next one, see the same person there and so on, after a week of surfing you see the same people all over the blogosphere! Be it their own blog or their guest posts on your other favorite blogs. You immediately Google and read up every article that leads to ‘benefits of guest blogging’ and with all those inspirational articles out there you feel all charged up and decide to make your own guest post on your favorite blog.

You are about to write the first word but wait…..

Guest Blogging Is not For you!

Oopss! that sounds harsh! But yes, after having read so many benefits of guest blogging you may already have loaded your shotgun to come and hunt me for providing this ‘misleading’ information! But wait, I never said guest blogging is bad for all of them out there, I said it’s just bad for you, if… : Read more »

25 Guest Posts from MyBlogGuest (Mostly) New Members

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It has turned into a great tradition of ours to share publicly guest posts arranged through our community.

I always feel proud creating this round-up: I can see there’s something for everyone in here. Some people go after large, popular blogs placing there guest posts for large audience; others prefer tiny, niche-specific blogs that tightly relate to their topic of expertise.

I can see great benefits behind both the approaches and I am happy we are able to cover any needs. To prove it, here are 25 guest posts from our new members- way to go! Read more »