Guest Blogging Versus Article Marketing: What Really Works?

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Let me first get my point straight: it’s not wise to compare article marketing to guest posting – this is much like comparing apples to oranges.

But we get back to this comparison again and again. I can’t do nothing about that except for offering my own comparison.

Here’s a handy table that makes my point clear: I do believe in guest posting and I do think article marketing is in the past. And here’s why: Read more »

Creating Value Shall NOT BE Forgotten

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*This is a guest post by Mitch Tarala and it refers to blogging in general. It promotes quality approach to blogging we at My Blog Guest strongly support and prioritize. This is why I believe this is a must-read for all the (guest) bloggers!*

A lot of people say a lot of things about how to be a good blogger. Some people focus on SEO, other people try to post at least once every day, others spend more time link building than they do writing articles. Everyone seems to have a different method and a different idea of what it takes to create a good high traffic blog that is well respected on the world wide web.

The problem is that with all of these specialized techniques to learn and master, many potentially great bloggers end up getting discouraged with their results and giving up before they even have a chance to get started! The majority of new bloggers are being taught all of these different things but end up missing the most important part of being a good blogger — providing valuable content. Read more »

Free Minimalistic WordPress Theme + Twitter Background by My Blog Guest!

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I decided to celebrate My Blog Guest re-design and new exciting feature set launch by giving out a cool free minimalistic WordPress theme

It has everything you may need:

cool simplistic look, nicely-done  social media icons, a cute favicon, heading structure and even a matching Twitter background (in PSD).

>>>The preview, download and support information can be found here: <<<

Read more »

The Great Round-up of Our Guest Posts – Way to Go!

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Yay! With all the moving servers and redesigning I finally found place for yet another round-up of our most awesome guest posts arranged through MyBlogGuest.

What struck me most when creating this round-up is the huge variety of posts and niches we unite – this is just so exciting!

So here we go:

Guest Posts Arranged Through Our Partnership with Splashpress Media:

1. Why Guest Blogging is Useless for Link Building by yours truly (over at The Blog Herald): You heard it right, now go ahead and read the post and the comments before jumping to any conclusions. Read more »

Articles Gallery: How to Effectively Build Contacts Through Great Content

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Inside there are quite a few pretty much unique (dare I say “revolutionary”) features that help users to more effectively share their quality content on other blogs. One of such features is Articles Gallery.

You will never find a similar functionality: basically it allows members to expose their content to the gallery for blog owners to come to offer their blogs to publish the posts. Read more »

Be a Good Guest: Practical Tips for Keeping Your Guest Post’s Editor Happy

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Remember the lessons you learned as a child about being a good guest? Mind your manners. Respect your host’s rules. Perhaps most importantly, don’t make life more difficult for the people who’ve offered you their hospitality.

These rules also apply to guest blogging. While we tend to focus on the ethical side of being a good guest in our discussions (link stuffing and other forms of blatant self-promotion), there are also a number of practical considerations that will make the experience much more pleasant for your publisher/host… and increase the likelihood that an editor will want to feature your content on his/her site again.

As someone who’s spent hours at times cleaning up otherwise well-written posts for publication, I can say with certainty that following the suggestions below will keep you in you host editors’ good graces… rather than making them grimace when they see your next post submission in their inbox. Read more »

Calling for Freelancers: The Exclusive Guest Posting Opportunity!

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I have just recently announced MyBlogGuest exclusive partnership with Splashpress Media (if you haven’t landed it yet, do it now!) and today I am pleased to announce that we have a new blog entering the deal:

Freelance Writing Gigs, a popular blog for freelancers, has joined MyBlogGuest to offer our members the killer guest posting  opportunity!

You can only apply if you are member of My Blog Guest!

Freelance Writing Gigs is run by the experienced pro blogger Susan Gunelius who blogs at Last month Susan interviewed me and featured MyBlogGuest on! Read more »