Guest Blogging: Sometimes It’s Best To Just Say No

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*This is a guest post by one of our beloved MyBlogGuest moderators, Gerald Weber*

Chances are if you’re reading this you allow guest posts on your blog. I do because I think it’s a great way to provide readers with quality content while building connections with other bloggers in (and sometimes outside of) my niche. But I do have some rules I follow when accepting guest posts.

Needless to say, I don’t accept and publish every post that comes my way. If I did, the quality of my blog would suffer, and I’d start to lose readers.

When should you decline a guest post? Read more »

Are You Sure You Know What Guest Blogging Is About? (Quiz)

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Guest blogging is a hot topic now. And plenty of people start doing that. But that’s what makes me feel worried about the concept.

The thing is that once a tactic gets popular enough, it gets so abused that acquires some negative connotation. That’s exactly what happened with “SEO” which now sounds as spam for most Internet users. That is what could happen to guest blogging – I really don’t want it to start sounding as “link dropping” or low-quality content distribution.

This is why I am going to repeat again and again what guest blogging is not and how to adopt a high-quality approach to make the most of the tactic.

So here’s a quiz for you to tell how well you understand the concept: please take it and share your score! Read more »

The Huge Round-up of Our Guest Posts (#4)

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So we are having our forth round-up already. Thanks to all the members sharing their guest posts – I feel proud for all of us!

And also I am exhausted… You probably noticed me get a bit less active. I am not sure where to find inspiration. I feel just stuck. But this is not the first time. I promise to get better in a day or two. In the meantime thanks for keeping our community active!

I am pretty much amazed at how friendly and supportive most of our members are. I feel thankful to all of you – and I hope I am helping you in return (at least some of you!).

Now, to the posts: Read more »

Finding the Right Fit for Guest Blogging

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This is guest post by one of our most active and most awesome members Heather Sokol.  She has built a strong presence at My Blog Guest and according to her own words the forum has helped her quite a bit. Her guest posting strategy and tips are below.

I have been using the My Blog Guest forums, successfully, for the last several months. It has been a blessing to me, both as a publisher & a writer. In addition to getting awesome content for my own site and building links & traffic through my guest articles, I am building relationships that extend far beyond a one-time guest post.

The secret to my success? Making just the right connections – and, it’s easier than you think!

The key is thinking outside the box a little bit. You know your niche and audience, but a guest blogger doesn’t have to be a part of it. They just need to be talented enough to tailor their content for your site (or vice versa). Be open to new ideas, and you’ll find interesting perspectives on your topic or entirely new audiences for your articles. Read more »

How to Write a Post That Will Get Approved!

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I did a guest post over at BlogHerald where I shared best practices as to wring a solid guest post.

Here are the steps:

(1) Browse and read the target blog before sending your pitch;
(2) Brainstorm a post idea: thing about what you expertise in and what should sound fresh and interesting to the blog readers;
(3) Create a good email personalized pitch;
(4) Write a post that best reflects your style and personality (but is likely to be well-received by the blog audience);
(5) Link to the related posts from the target blog from within the post context;
(6) Add relevant images that comply with the target blog design;
(7) Notice which formatting (H-headings, etc) the target blog uses and use it in your post;
(8) Don’t send the post immediately after writing (sleep on it!)
(9) Get enrolled after the post goes live (reply to the comments, tweets and shares!)

Let’s not waste time on rejections, shall we?

Post image by AMagill

Guest Posting Contest Over at BlogGodown!

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This is the second guest posting contest we are supporting (we will be announcing winners of the first one soon!). This time it is hosted at the super cool blog for bloggers called BlogGodown.

Head over to the official contest post to learn all the details.

Here are a few highlights:

You have good chances to win a cash prize for both participating and tweeting (prizes range from cash, services, themes to products related to blogging)!

Requirements and terms:

  • All posts should be high-quality and (of course) unique;
  • Required post topics: Blogging Tips, SEO, Blog Promotion, Social Media, Making Money Online, Internet Marketing and Web Design
  • The winners are determined by the quality of the post, Number of comments (excluding spam comments) and number of Tweets.

Read more »

3 WordPress Plugins That Make Guest Posting Easier!

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Update: We have launched our own guest blogging WordPress plugin – check it out!

If you plan to start accepting guest contributions or launching a new collaborating blog with several co-authors, you may want to configure your WordPress blog to make your (and your contributors’) life easier.

Let’s call it “optimize your blog for guest posting” because an SEO will never die inside me :)

1. Easier Notifications

Peter’s Collaboration E-mails: This plugin makes it easier for both the blog owner and the contributor to keep updated on the guest post status: Read more »

Build Your (Personal) Brand with Guest Posting

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I did a post on how guest posting builds your brand:

(!) By making you the recognized niche expert;
(!) By exposing your brand to a new audience;
(!) By managing your reputation (those entries will pop up in Google search results for your name).

Img by Concentrated Passion

Guest Posts Created on My Blog Guest – Round-up #2

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So we have another collection of guest posts to share. Let’s see which posts are arranged and created using our forum!

Social Media: What It Is, How To Use It, and Where To Begin (at One Man’s Blog): Jordan Kasteler of Search and Social did an AWESOME job listing types of social media sites and providing some insight into the value, benefits, and Return on Investment (ROI) involved with social media.

Content for Humans and Robots (at the guest post by Stacey Cavanagh of gives some useful tips on creating content for your blog that appeals both to search engine bots and humans. Read more »