Guest Posts Created on My Blog Guest – Round-up #2

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So we have another collection of guest posts to share. Let’s see which posts are arranged and created using our forum!

Social Media: What It Is, How To Use It, and Where To Begin (at One Man’s Blog): Jordan Kasteler of Search and Social did an AWESOME job listing types of social media sites and providing some insight into the value, benefits, and Return on Investment (ROI) involved with social media.

Content for Humans and Robots (at the guest post by Stacey Cavanagh of gives some useful tips on creating content for your blog that appeals both to search engine bots and humans. Read more »

Our Very First Guest Blogging Contest!

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We are going to have some serious fun by guest blogging (yes, “serious fun” is the best way to describe it, I guess…) and one of the ways to is to regularly run various guest posting contests.

The rules, prizes and terms will vary but one will remain unchanged: you will need to guest post to participate.

Currently we are having our very first contest hosted at

It will run until March 31 and already has generated quite a boom among our forum members.

The rules are very straightforward: Read more »

Guest Post By-Lines: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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By lineA by-line is that short concise paragraph that tells the readers who authored the guest post (yes, short and concise are two keywords here).

The by-line often contains links to the author’s sites and this is why too many guest bloggers put too much emphasis on that paragraph.

The rule of thumb:

! Don’t even think about the by-line until you write the post. The actual post is what you need to focus on, a by-line is a secondary, far less important thing, simply because without a post there is no by-line 🙂 So if you go too far to promote yourself in the by-line, the post has great chances to be rejected.

Now, I’ve seen quite a few guest posts throughout my blogging career, and here are a few types of a by-line to illustrate my point by examples: Read more »

Guest Post Round-Up: What Gets Published Through Our Forum

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To give our members more exposure and also to show what we are doing there, I decided to start short random round-ups featuring guest posts created through MyBlogGuest forum.

So here are some of the recent posts which (hopefully) will result in more valuable connections and better business opportunities for both the sides!

1. How I Saved $27.95 on My Taxes (on PTmoney): the guest post by Daniel Packer of Sweating The Big Stuff lists some great tips on paying the minimum to do your taxes. It is based on Daniel’s personal experience which is always a great read!

2. How to Select Keywords for a Pay Per Click Campaign (on Famous bloggers): Adriana Copaceanu of shares some very essential tips on step-by-step process of selecting your PPC keywords explaining some very important in easy-to-digest words. Read more »

What Guest Blogging Is NOT: Getting It Right

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What is NOT guest bloggingI’ve mentioned quite a few times how guest posting may help your business grow. I also shared why in my opinion this is the ideal marketing strategy – where quality matters and everyone wins.

Unfortunately, not everyone can get this right. So are three things guest blogging is NOT:

1. Guest blogging is NOT link building in the first place

I know I have emphasized link building benefits of guest posting quite a few times: but if link building aspect is the first in your list of reasons why you start guest blogging, you are getting it WRONG from the very start.

This way you have good chances to sacrifice on the quality of your content (and the strategy overall) by attempting to get as much link love as you can. Don’t think about building links at all (they will come naturally). Think about other (much more important!) aims you are going to achieve: brand awareness, fans and supporters, reputation, etc!

If you only need link, don’t even start guest blogging. Period Read more »

20+ Reasons Why You Need to Start Guest Blogging

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1.  Generate more traffic to your website;

2. Attract (potential) customers / subscribers;

3. Build (powerful) links to your site;

4. Increase your brand awareness;

5. Build the reputation of a real expert in your niche;

6. Build contacts with bloggers;

7. Learn other bloggers’ tactics and methods;

8. Get inspired by seeing what other bloggers do;

9. Get feedback on what you do “from outside”;

10. Reach new communities and topic hubs;

11. Get introduced to new niches you were unaware of;

12. Become known in other “neighboring” niches (where you can expand your business to); Read more »