Use Screenshots to Make Your Guest Posts Better (and Harder to Reject) #MyBlogGuest

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Today we are talking about making your guest posts GREAT by using screenshots!

Why images?

We have listed most convincing reasons why images are a MUST for guest posts in our previous chat (We even started our own collection of images for bloggers – that’s how much we believe in what we preach!). Let’s re-cap the “whys”:

  • Images make web articles much more easier to market: Images make people stay, interact and share
  • Images increase your chances for approved guest post: A blogger is likelier to like your guest article if it appeals to an eye.
  • Images make social media shares much more engaging. As an example, it has been proved that tweets with visuals increase engagement (retweets) from 90% to 150% (based on different research). Images are grabbed by Facebook and Google Plus to show in the social media update. Images make your article “pinnable”. The visual web is definitely the future (Look at multiple visual startups).

Why screenshots?

While screenshots are not always possible, in many cases screenshots are definitely the way to go:

  • They don’t require license* (as you are making them yourself)
  • They make a post much more useful (giving the preview of tools, apps, dashboards, etc)

*We had cases when people just screenshotted an image from a page claiming it’s now theirs (I know that sounds funny). But because we had precedents, I have to note: A screenshot is an image displaying part of your screen that aims at explaining some functionality. Read more »

Niche Site #MyBlogGuest Success Story

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myblogguest-success-storyWe still have our visual contest going and one of our participants wanted to us to publish her case story here – which we are glad to do!

Please meet Anna aka celebsfan at MyBlogGuest. She runs a couple of neat niche websites and she uses MyBlogGuest to feel the gabs in her editorial calendar.

One of her sites hosts our Infographics and Guest articles on a regular basis and looks like Anna had huge success with it!

In her infographic: Read more »

How to Build Your Author Brand on Google Plus #MyBlogGuest

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They say Google Plus hasn’t really taken off. They say no one is really using it except for SEOs…

I don’t know; it may be true but for content marketers and (guest) authors it’s an invaluable tool!

Using Google Plus you can: Read more »

Meet New MyBlogGuest Logo (It Is Official!)

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My Blog Guest is four years old this year. It’s hard to believe! We are seriously thinking about redesign that’s badly needed. We’ve been adding so many features that we couldn’t afford the time to beautify them!

My personal New Year’s resolution is to make MyBlogGuest neat in 2014!

And to prove that we are serious we have already undergone two re-branding efforts:

  • We had our official blog redesigned
  • We changed our logo

Here’s our thinking behind the new logo: We wanted something sleek and minimal while preserving the traditional concepts of creativity and collaborating.

Here’s the effort visualized: Read more »

November 2013 Guest Posts Roundup

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7706Happy winter everyone! In this roundup we’ll list some of the latest autumn guest posts published via the forum.

Please don’t forget about our contest! There less than two weeks left till it ends, so hurry up and get your prize! We are waiting for your entry!

To sum up our November activity make sure you checked and shared posts from our Thanksgiving holiday PUSH

1. Roadside Blood Alcohol Testing By EMTs: Slam Dunk Or Fatally Flawed? (over at Holiday season is just around the corner, so Kimberly Diego of begs you to be on the safe side and drive carefully.

2. Kitchens & Colour & The Art Of Having Both (via Planning some renovation? Be sure not to miss this great article by Molly Hilton of and you may turn your kitchen to a real masterpiece.

3. Infographics And Visual Marketing Events To Visit In 2014 (via Annie Wallace knows the matter inside out and chose the best ones for you. I won’t be surprised if you meet her at one of these events next year. Read more »

November 2013 PUSH Thursday #MyBlogGuest

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Reminder! MyBlogGuest contest for best visual success story is on and running! It’s on the half-way already, so you still have time to bring your story to us, and win!

Today we are having our PUSH Thursday! Hope you enjoy this selection of 10 guest posts published this month!

  • 10 Ways To Promote An Ebook -It’s good to know what to do with your infographics! You don’t have to use them all – but they are definitely worth considering.

Read more »

November #MyBlogGuest Google Hangout: this Friday (November 29) 1pm EST

Category #MyBlogGuest Twitter Chat Posted by teamAre you ready for our November 2013 MyBlogGuest Google+ Hangout On Air? It is coming up, Friday, November 29, 2013.

MBG Hangout: 1pm EST Google+ Event Page

Google helps us out by providing the time in our own time zone. If you click on the event, above, you will see what time it is in YOUR time zone, based on your Internet Service Provider.

You may also manually check your time zone here.

MyBlogGuest Focus on Gratitude and Giving

We will be talking about how MyBlogGuest has helped us (in honor of US Thanksgiving Holiday) and, how MyBlogGuest is giving back, via the current $1000 contest! Also, check out the most recent #MyBlogGuest Twitter Chat summaries, here:

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My Guest Blogging Twitter Chat at #AtomicChat

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atomic-reachYesterday I was invited to host #AtomicChat (courtesy of Atomic Reach) and talk about guest blogging. Obviously, I was happy to jump in (you can’t get me shut up if you ask me to talk guest blogging, so beware).

The chat was awesome and I thought I’d better re-use my prepared answers with our own community too!

Note: These are just my answers and a few selected tweets; it’s not the full script. The actual chat was much MORE active!

1. What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging is a process where a blogger invites an outside writer to contribute a free article(s) to his/her blog Read more »

#MyBlogGuest PRO and Elite Plan Testimonial at Forbes

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myblogguest-forbes-testimonialI had a great Sunday.

Can you imagine the feeling when you are a business founder, and you see people coming to your site from Forbes, so you do [ your business name] search on Google and not only you find a cool unexpected mention from Forbes contributor saying how cool MyBlogGuest is for marketing but also come across a nice random comment from a user praising your team efforts in yet another Forbes article?

For those of you who are looking to find niche sites to guest blog for, I have been using MyBlogGuest for a while and I find it very good. They are currently developing an Elite Authors scheme, which for really serious bloggers is the way to go.

Posts via this system get editorial recommendations from the team, which are very helpful. These posts should only have one relevant self serving link plus a link to your google+ profile. They should also have some non self serving authority links.

Jackie, you totally made my day! Read more »

A Guide To Writing Content That Actually Deserves To Rank

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great-contentThere are a couple of things that we understand about SEO, one is that to rank you need to get some links to your content: the more, and the better the quality the better your chances. We also know that doing a little bit of old-fashioned on-page SEO can help things along.

**But the days when those were the most important bits of the puzzle are long behind us

Sure, if you really go all out on the link building you might force your “so so” content onto page one, but it probably won’t stay there for long and you’re just as likely to get your website penalized instead.

No, now-a-days the single most important thing is that your content is great; In short, your content needs to actually deserve to be in that coveted top spot. Get that bit right and the supporting activities (like link building) suddenly become more of a “helping hand” and less of an uphill struggle.

So To Write It…

Ok, so the fact that you need to write good content isn’t exactly a new idea, but in this post I am going to talk about how you actually go about creating that content. It’s not fool-proof, but if you have a system your odds of success are that bit higher.

Ready? Ok, let’s get started: Read more »