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Getting guest posts is great for adding some spice to your blog because a new blogger brings in a fresh perspective and a new style. With services like MyBlogGuest getting high-quality content is also so easy!

The downside, with the easiness of the process, blogs get too flooded with guest posts and ultimately lose personality. During the summer break when going outside seems much more pleasing than blogging, skipping another day and using a guest post instead is even more tempting.

That’s not what we encourage!

No matter how much we want you to use our users’ free unique guest articles, we still want you to keep the personality of your blog.

Here are a few quick content ideas for the summer break (consider creating a weekly column for any, for example “Infographics Monday” or “Friday coffee links” to create a habit and encourage returning visitors.)

  • Tool reviews {Free Tools Monday!}: We live in the era of free web and/or mobile tools. Finding one that would make sense to your readers, testing and throwing together a neat personal review takes 30 minutes and that always results in a fun and useful post users love. Source: Use MakeUseOf Cool Tools section to get some inspiration for tools in any niche!
  • QuoraQ&A {Tuesday Q&A}: Quora is an absolutely awesome source of questions and answers. Just run a quick search for your keyword there, pick one and summarize the answers in your own words. Now link to the source, rephrase a question a bit to make it unique and add your own opinion. You have a trendy, interesting and relevant article in less than 20 minutes! Here’s an example of mine!
  • Quotes {Quote of the week} The beauty of the smart quote (to me personally) is that it always keeps me wonder why I wasn’t the one who said that… On a serious note, quotes make us think and if you use this trick and create a quote on an image, it will also make you share! Both throwing a fun image together and wrapping it up with a couple of sentences of text will take you about 20 minutes. And this is an original and social media article!
  • Video / Infographic of the week {Thursday media}. They can be embed and if you use our Infographic Gallery already comes with the original text to introduce it and foster discussion. Or blog cool Creative Commons comic each Thursday!
  • {Fun Facts Friday} or {Weekend tip} This can be both educational and fun! Use any of these sites to come up with some interesting facts or tips or ideas to get your visitors return on Monday for a new column: instructables, wtffunfact, buzzfeed, you name it!

Now you have the full week of engaging, entertaining content to keep your blog going – and on top of all you are contributing yourself keeping your author grand on fire. Now use guest posts to spice the week up with more indepth articles contributed by someone else.

Are there any other quick but fun content ideas to get us through the holiday season?

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