We will never know for sure how many guest articles find their blog homes via My Blog Guest every month (we can only count those published via the Gallery). But it surely keeps growing, and makes our work worth doing it! Please give some social love to these post published back in September. Comments are also appreciated 😉

1. Blockbuster Movies Based On Thumb-Busting Games (via Have you played any? James Berry of chose the best ones for you!

2. How To Stay Healthy With A Small Kitchen (over at Thanks to Geoff Roy for sharing these great tips together with tasty images, which can easily make you go to your kitchen and get something tasty to eat 🙂

3. Five Things To Do At Your Local Cafe (via Hmm.. and I’m getting my lap-top and working there. Perhaps Lawrence Reaves of might also be write this article in one of those.

4. The Smart Guide To Marketing Your Online Clothing Business (via Actually this guide by Karen Stammers of could be helpful in case you decided to start any kind of online store. Check it up!

5. A City Slicker Guide To Dressing For An Outdoor Adventure (over at In case you also normally make a list when packing, David Soto is your guy for sure! Now it’s almost ready-to-go!

6. 7 Potential Security Risks Associated With Cloud QuickBooks Hosting (via Why is it important to enquire vendors about security? Find all the answers in this informative article by Aditi Tyagi of

7. St. Augustine Night Life (over at I’m sure that Sara Pegarella of had lots of fun when investigating all those places.

8. Converse: The Rise Of An Iconic Brand (via Yes, these sneakers have definitely become a must-have over the last century. Here’s the story behind the scene by Laura Watson.

9. Why Your Car Tech Is Oh, So Slow! (over at Updating cars – sci-fi or closest future? Find it out in this article by Carrie Thompson from

10. Intro to Chinese Herbs And Spices (via Want to try something new and delicious? Then don’t hesitate following these tips by Lauren Q of and be sure you will enjoy the result.

11. 7 Types Of Link Bait For Guaranteed Success (via Need to start attracting links and generating leads? Tnen these methods by Nick Honard of are just in time for you.

12. What SEO Has Experienced in 2013 (via We still have 3 months ahead and lots of things might be updated and changed within this time, but here you find some interim results provided by Anca Bradley.

13. 5 Tips To Success As A Freelance Photographer (via If you are a freelancer and in addition a photographer that means you are on the rise.. – at least most people would think like that. Find out how to turn it to reality easily thanks to these tips by Lisa Coleman from

14. 3 Rare Animals In Costa Rica Which Are Easy To Find (over at This article by Lisa melia of is a real treasure! Great info together with adorable images – don’t miss it!

15. Feeding The Competition Fanatic Within You (over at But don’t forget to stop when you know it’s enough, so that to turn it just to your benefit. Harry Price from will show you a way.

16. How To Become A Great Driver! (via Once I heard a saying: “A calm diver is a live diver”. You may check if it’s true when reading this article by Andrew Handley of

17. Who Else Wants To Quit Smoking (over at If you are waiting for the last push here it is! Debra Wright knows how to easen your life.

18. Cooking Up the Right Amount of Social Media (via Welcome to the kitchen of Jay Fremont from who will take you through and show everything around.

19. SEO – Backlinks To Make Your Website Immune To Google Updates (over at pitfalls of building backlinks manually, and tip to do it right by Federico Einhorn of Don’t tr y to cheat Google, and you won’t have a reason to be scared of it!

20. Lets You Write Your Own Newspaper (via With today’s diversity of apps and tools business and fun goes hand in hand already. Have you ever imagined that you could start a newspaper just by yourself? Alex H Yong from is ready to help you on your way.

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