This month we have had an exciting sub-series within the “Don’t depend on any one tactic” topic. Our sub-series is about social media advertising and the first three chats were about Facebook advertising, StumbleUpon ads and Twitter Ads on a Budget

I haven’t tried all the ads and I certainly I cannot be considered a professional in those types I actually tried, so today’s PUSH will be dedicated to other people’s case studies we can learn from…

There are not too many, so if you have any good links about social media ads, please do share!

1. Success With Reddit & StumbleUpon Ads by @brentcsutoras: This quick presentation reveals some numbers and findings behind the two types of ads: Reddit and SU

2. New Reddit Ad Pricing Pushes ROI Off A Cliff by @GabGoldenberg where Gab has a great job explaining Reddit ads pricing

No matter what part of the site you advertise on, it costs $0.75 CPM. Considering that a great CTR on the site still doesn’t get to 1%, that means you’re paying about $0.80 to $1 /click if you’ve got a great ad

3. Facebook vs StumbleUpon – Paid Traffic by @ramykhuffash

Some key findings:

  • Getting traffic from StumbleUpon is pretty cheap, but you need great content and a highly optimized page to benefit from it.
  • StumbleUpon paid discovery could be great for content that’s viral worthy.

4. Another comparison of SU versus Facebook ads by @SMMykal

What’s interesting about it is that it tackles Facebook “Sponsored stories” (NOT Boosted posts). I have poor experienced with FB sponsored stories, so this is very helpful.

Important takeaway from Mike:

I ran paid traffic without having a full blown sales funnel in place (c’mon man… that is like IM 101 stuff… what were you thinking?). I didn’t even have a half-decent ebook to giveaway to build my email list. Before I run paid ads again I am going to throw up all the important sales funnel stuff that I need to get people on my mailing list.

5. Is Paying for Likes on Facebook Worth it? by @marceladevivo at @sejournal – The research claims Facebook paid likes have increased in quality over the years (something I have found as well)

Great experience here:

After a month of pausing the ad campaign, we are finding that we retained an engaged audience.   Post reach is about 15 percent of the likes that were paid

6. My Facebook Ads Experiment – 500% ROI and how to get 1,000 targeted fans for $20 by @Servando_Silva comparing using ads for growing your Page likes with using ads for increasing your affiliate revenue.

Great ideas here:

  • Spending $20 over 5 days instead of 2 days may maximize my CPC and CTR
  • Free trial button works great, so prepare a guide or something appealing to get better leads and sell them after.
  • When targeting separate males from females and choose different images for each

7. Also check out our previous chat from the sister project: Social PR and Facebook Marketing Tactics: Twitter Chat with Lisa Buyer @lisabuyer #VCBuzz

Re-targeting using your brand’s email list is the way to go for fan growth when it comes to Facebook.

Any social media advertising campaigns to share? Please share in the comments!

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  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Roxana makes a great point Ann. Explore. Cash gifting, freelancing and blogging advertising works well on twitter and FB for me, so I work these channels. Tweak, test, prosper. Thanks for the share!


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