This week we continue this month’s sub-series within the “Don’t depend on any one tactic” topic. Our sub-series is about social media advertising and the first three chats were about Facebook advertising, StumbleUpon ads and Twitter Ads on a Budget

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Today we are talking about social media ads in general and what makes them different from other ads you’ve tried:


1. Just paying for ads is not enough.

Your job as an advertiser really starts after the ad goes live: You need to interact with newly-acquired followers and listeners.

That makes social media ads different from PPC advertising where your job is done when you find best bidding and targeting settings.

2. Social media ads help with your natural performance.

While it is not clear (it’s just rumor) if paying for Google ads helps with your organic performance, social media ads definitely help your brand with natural growth as well. Examples are Twitter “*Earned* Cost Per Engagement” and StumbleUpon “earned” views.

I find it awesome that social media campaigns can be measured by their “natural” impact as well.

3. In most cases social media ads work better for promoting content pages (NOT landing pages)

That is an astounding digital marketing trend we are facing. More and more marketers promote content rather than directly-converting landing pages.

4. Social media ads can be used to target your competitors’ followers

In Twitter you can target anyone’s followers, for example. Bear in mind that that’s a fair play: Your followers can be targeted by your competitors at any time.

5. Social media ads can and should be used to reach more of your followers

In our cluttered digital world it’s really not easy to “be remembered” even if you are followed by many people. Social media updates have not huge life spans and only a small percent of your followers will ever see your message. You need to post A LOT to re-appear in your followers’ streams on a regular basis. Social ads can help here a lot.

6. In some cases, paying for social media ads is the *ONLY* way to get found

Facebook, in particular, is giving almost 0 visibility to pages for free. So unless you pay, you are almost invisible. This trend will be only growing with hugest social media players who are forced to get better monetized to exist.

7. ViralContentBee is a good way to test virality before paying for ads

The platform is free, so if you have a tight budget, I suggest you first try submitting your content there

StumbleUpon VCB

If you have any social media advertising case studies, please share them next week over at Push Thursday at #myblogguest!

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  1. Rob Broley

    Some brilliant tips here Ann. Facebook Ads do work but I think a little research is needed to get the best from them. Also I think you must engage with your audience on your page. Keep thing interesting.


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