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News first:

This week we are talking about the anatomy of the perfect guest post. We have tried various ways in an effort to make our point clearer. I hope we managed to this time.

First the infographic:

anatomy of the perfect guest post

***You can download it in pdf here.

Let’s discuss each point:

The Title (Red)

A well-thought title/headline that draws readers in, piques interest, and selects the desired audience

Please read further on brainstorming trendy and catchy topics for your guest posts! Remember we target bloggers here who are always more interested in trendy entertaining content!




Writing (Blue)

(1) Screenshots, photographs, and illustrations (with appropriate permissions) are used to enhance the article and make it more appealing to the reader.

We talked about how important images are and we can’t stress enough the awesomeness of screenshots!

(2) Subheadings (h2 or h3) and bold/italics in the body copy are used to guide the reader and provide highlights of the article. One should be able to grasp the main points by reading only the title, subheads, and bold/italic text.


Please read more about how important subheadings are.

(3) The author always wraps up the article with a conclusion. The reader is never left hanging and unfulfilled. The introduction makes a promise to the reader. The conclusion verifies that the promise was kept.


(4) All of this is displayed in writing that is on-topic, concise, and written by someone who can adhere to English conventions for grammar, punctuation, and spelling.


Links (Green)

(1) All of the in-body links go to the varied official sources (news and stats sources, further reading links, etc).

The author’s desired link (“self-serving” link) is included in the body copy. It provides value to the reader – as do other reference links in the article. Each link is relative to the topic and enhances the reader’s understanding of the article. One would be hard-pressed to determine which of the links is for the author’s own purposes.

Oh we’ve talked about links a lot (In fact, I wish we could stop talking and forget about them because they are by far not as important as connections! But we have to keep talking because the community wants to know.


Please do read about the benefits of co-citation and what is a natural in-body link (with some examples!)

(2) The publisher adds links to related content on the Blog. That allows readers interested in the topic to find more material without having to exit to another website.

Internal links are useful for SEO and good for usability. After all we want our publishers to succeed!

Author Byline / About the Author Part (Purple)

The bio/byline links to the author’s own website and/or G+ profile (using rel=author markup). The copy there provides additional information about the author. It is not a blatant advertisement, nor is it the proper place for the author’s desired link.

Please read about our rules for bylines as well as how important Google Authorship is and Authorship of your guest posts can be verified through MyBlogGuest.


Promotion (Orange)

Both author and publisher benefit from the article – and they both help promote it. The work doesn’t stop after the article is published. The next phase (promotion) begins.

We talked about it previously here (for authors), here (for publishers) and here (for article both)


In case you are bored, here’s the video version of the cheatsheet:

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5 Responses to “The Anatomy of the Perfect Guest Post”

  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Neat tips! Go heavy on headline time. Spend 5 or 10 minutes building the impact-making headlines to see your greatest guest post success.

    Be patient; many rush to publish before creating magnetic headlines, spoiling their posts.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ivan Widjaya

    Finally – a REAL guide to guest blogging.

    I’m fed up reading “guest blogging is dead” “Matt Cutts puts a fork on it (lol)” “don’t guest blog!” etc.

    What we should do is to ensure that the guest posts are following this guide. Period.


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