Yay! With all the moving servers and redesigning I finally found place for yet another round-up of our most awesome guest posts arranged through MyBlogGuest.

What struck me most when creating this round-up is the huge variety of posts and niches we unite – this is just so exciting!

So here we go:

Guest Posts Arranged Through Our Partnership with Splashpress Media:

1. Why Guest Blogging is Useless for Link Building by yours truly (over at The Blog Herald): You heard it right, now go ahead and read the post and the comments before jumping to any conclusions.

2. Blogging for Profit: 4 Successful Strategies (at BloggingPro): Claudia Gonella shares some practical examples of how to use blogging to increase the profits in your business.some practical examples of how to use blogging to increase the profits in your business.

3. How to Win Friends and Influence People with Blogging (at Performancing): Ken Lyons of Wordstream lists 5 great ways to network with people with help of your blog.

4. Making Sushi and Making a Blog Are Surprisingly Similar: David Fishman is the king of Sushi 🙂

5. Three Ways to Write Sales-Driven Blog Content: Our vary beloved moderator Roko Nastic of Webmaster Format shares three tips that are designed to help you boost returns and increase sales without having to write more content or completely change your marketing plan.

Other Guest Posts

1. Children’s View How Can We Achieve Eco Friendly Environment? (over at Allergy Be Gone): a very sweet post by Saurav on what some of the students had to say about how we can improve the World and the School.

2. Best Budget Web Hosting Company (at Best Covery): Roko Nastic shares a list of affordable hosting providers and adds background info on each one (worth a bookmark!)

3. How Running A Contest For Bloggers Can Improve Your Search Rankings (over at Web Traffic ROI): Jonathan Bentz explains how to host a blogging contest to make the most out of it. Really, if contests didn’t benefit websites with more traffic, more RSS subscribers, or better search rankings, then bloggers wouldn’t host contests.

4. Forget Retirement? In Central America You Don’t Have To (at FatWallet blog): Claudia Gonella explains why it is a good idea to retire in Central America to have a comfortable retirement.

5. 10 Ways to Get Rid of Credit Card Debt (at Mommie’s Magazine) Anna Fani provides a very clear list of steps to elliminating your debt. The bad news is doing it is not going to be an easy or comfortable process. To jump-start yourself, you should let the following scary points sink into your subconscious.

6. Become an Expert at “Stating” Your Expertise – Step Up and Claim It! (over at Decisive Minds)Melanie Kisselloffers you a daily dose of inspiration to get things done: as a solo entrepreneur, you need to sizzle like a hot summer night!

7. Don’t Be ‘That Guy’ when Commenting (at Famous Bloggers): Evelester urges us to put thought and creativity into each of the comments we leave.

8. Hi Love Yourself! Five Steps to Strong Self-Esteem (at ColaBears) – what a great reminder! Jacki Dille helps us cultivate love for ourselves to increase our self-esteem, see ourselves more and more clearly and realistically and succeed in life.

9. A Simple Technique to Manage Stress (at Silver and Grace): Mike Reeves-McMillan shares an effective technique that we can pull out of our stress managing toolbox.

10. Should Couples Have Joint Bank Accounts? The Pros and Cons of Sharing Your Money (at Quips and Tips for Money and Love) Louise Tillotson specialising in cash ISA shares advanatges and disadvantages of pooling your money in a joint bank account.

11. Managing a Post-Divorce Budget (at Simple Divorce Advice) Louise of Moneysupermarket explains how you can face life after the divorce and adjust to a reduced income.

12. Recognizing the Signs of Alzheimer’s (at Medical Alert Bracelets blog) Sarah Danielson of Online Nursing Programs shares some very clear information on a fatal brain disorder – good info to know!

13. How to Eliminate Allergies in Your Home (at Allergy Be Gone): Vera Mosley outlines the symptoms of the allegies and tips on coping with them.

14. Celtic Themed Weddings (at KC Weddings) Leigh Maher owner of the online Celtic jewelry store shares some inspiring ideas on how to plan your with a little Celtic flair.

15. 3 New Ways to Reuse Old Articles to Triple Your Backlinks (over at Daily SEO Tip): David Fishman offers great ways to make the most of your published content.

16. Babysitter Interview-What Questions Should You Ask? (at SitterCompare.com) Olivia shares the tips on how to make sure that you and your potential baby sitter share the same childcare philosophy.

17. Six Ways Men can Deal with their Partner’s Pregnancy (at Preemie Twins): Modi has been blessed to have experienced that phase of life a few times already and now offers his advice to all males who are struggling.

18. Recreate Lady Gaga Fashion Affordably (at Steal the Style): this post is an interesting review of Lady Gaga’s style, its influence on the world and fashion as well as some practical advice on recreating it.

19. Droid vs iPhone (over at Idaconcpts): Kate shares a fun way to compare the two smart phones.

20. Creative Business Success: How to Synchronize the Right and Left Brains (at Big Girl Branding): Viral Mom shares insight and tips into being a successful (primarily) right-brained entrepreneur.  AKA the “creative type” that loves the “idea phase” but struggles a bit with “the biz” side of things.  Now who does that sound like… you perhaps?

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