So we are having our forth round-up already. Thanks to all the members sharing their guest posts – I feel proud for all of us!

And also I am exhausted… You probably noticed me get a bit less active. I am not sure where to find inspiration. I feel just stuck. But this is not the first time. I promise to get better in a day or two. In the meantime thanks for keeping our community active!

I am pretty much amazed at how friendly and supportive most of our members are. I feel thankful to all of you – and I hope I am helping you in return (at least some of you!).

Now, to the posts:

1. Where’s Your Discipline? (at John Is Fit) – Our community health and weight loss expert (yes, he deserves the pretty link!) Kalvin C. Chinyere tells us how to be a little hard on ourselves without making everything seem hopeless and unacceptable to lose weight permanently.

2. Uncovered & Uncorked California Wine Delights (over at Jet Venue) – Mark Aselstine of Uncorked Ventures tells us about California wines and makes me want to get some rest (do I start sounding depressing? sorry)

3. Is Your Website Working for You? (at Matt’s Musings) – Roger Martin asks (and answers) some fundamental questions that will help you decide if your business website contributes to your bottom line.

4. How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur (at Matt’s Musings) – Joel Ohman of Car Insurance Comparison says that to actually become a successful entrepreneur we actually need to take action (how true!)

5. SEO for Local Business (at Canuck SEO) – A.J. Wilcox gives a detailed look at the three most important elements of your local SEO campaign.

6. Diamond Jewelry Trends for 2010 (at Jet Venue) – Sarah Harris of Adiamor takes a look at this year’s jewelry trends (and I envy those women who have time for that stuff; ok, here I go again!)

7. Decorating Your Home Office at a Dime! (at Live Well for Less) – Jennifer Brown Banks shares some tips to make your home office affordable, attractive, and functional (I work from home, so I definitely find the tips useful!)

8. Avoid Secret Shopper Scams (at – Shawn Mosch of lists some types of the Secret Shopper (or Mystery Shopper) Scam and recommends some tips on how to avoid it.

9. 5 Ways to Entertain Kids Without Spending a Dime (at Personal Finance Blog) – Heather Sokol of shares her favorite ideas for free family fun.

10. How to Lose Your Twitter Followers in 5 Easy Steps (at Idaconcpts) – our most awesome Stacey Cavanagh of Tecmark lists some funny tips you do NOT try at home.

11. Save Money on College: Three-Year Degree Programs (at Say Campus Life) – Forrest Whaling of Digital Marketing Agency provides some pros and cons of a three-year degree.

12. How to Find Extra Money In Your Budget (at Sweating The Big Stuff) – Heather Sokol (she again!) says that spending less is easier than we think and shares examples from her own life.

13. Green Campuses Mark Earth Day Anniversary (at Say Campus Life) – Sarah Harris reflects on some of the efforts being made by our college campuses to “go green”.

14. 5 Simple Ways to Get Better Traction with Your Blog (at Howto Spotter) – Cori of Big Girl Branding shares a handful of simple things she did that really helped to propel her new blog growth fairly quickly.

15. Better Tweeting Equals Better Writing, And It All Starts With A K.I.S.S. (at Quick Online Tips) – Cori (again!) describes how Tweeting can make you a better writer (great read!)

16. The Deadbeats – The Ghostly Super-group of the Isle of Wight Festival (at Dofollow Network) – Peter discusses some interesting facts about the Isle of Wight Festival.

17. Do You Treat Your Readers Like Dogs? Classical Conditioning for Blog Subscribers (at Famous Bloggers) – James Pruitt talks about how to get your blog readers drooling in anticipation for your next post, how to ring the bell to get them do what you want them to do!

18. Simple Substitutions to Reduce Paper Waste (at Babeled) – the incredibly talented Heather Sokol shares her favorite substitutions for reducing paper waste at home and also describes hey experience in switching to reusable.

19. Blog Commenting Faux Pas, Red Flags, and Best Practices (over at SEM Group) – Kristi Hines shares some wicked and creative tactics commenting abusers find to bypass security systems and look more legit.

20. Six Ways to Raise Eco-Conscious Toddlers (at Code Name: Mama) – Tara of shows how teaching environmental responsibility from an early age makes it a lot easier for children to be eco-friendly when they get older.

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  1. Joel Ohman

    Thanks for the inclusion of #4 "How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur" – Would you mind if possible changing the link for my website from having my name as the link to having the website name as the link (i.e. "Joel Ohman of Car Insurance Comparison")? Thanks! – Joel

  2. Damian

    Thank you Ann for mentioning Stacey Cavanagh, she's an awesome writer and I highly recommend her work.



  3. Maria

    Great round up! I especially like the post on tweeting and raising green kids.. they have great suggestions! Thanks!


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