It’s time to name the winners of our autumn guest blogging contest! That’s right – winners, because there’s more than one winner. The competition was so hot, and many bloggers were so active that it was hard to choose only one.

Some interesting statistics first

During the contest days our participants published over 500 articles from the Gallery and over 25 infographics from Infographic Gallery; and involved over 6,200 tweets and over 3,100 FB likes.

Just to remind you the criteria we used in counting *votes*:

  • The number of Tweets and FB Likes (according to your blog buttons)
  • The number of comments

But the most important thing is that our contest has no losers because all the participants have already got free unique content as well as some shares from the organizers (we were making our best to share most the entries from our official Twitter account).

Now to the main winners

Our grand winner is @FlowingEvents

Hamlet concentrated not on the amount of articles posted, but on extremely active promotion of only few of them. And gets $600 in cash! The winner actively promoted his posts via Viral Content Buzz. Check it out:

Most active publishers on Twitter:

@shaanhaider Shaan Haider has been our member for quite a long time now. He gets $300 in cash for:


@DonnaChaffins We are honored to say that Donna was our grand winner of the previous season contest. Donna also wins $300 in cash. Have to mention that Donna’s posts also won in the nomination of the most commented. Below are some of the great posts she published on her blog:

Most active articles & infographics publishers:

@chillopedia Nadeem Khan is our long-time contest participant.

@icezenmedia Lambodar has published over 120 articles and infographics during the contest month! Some of them are:

They get $200 each!

Several more of our regular participants get $100 each! They are:

Congrats to all the winners! We’ll be back with our contest in the middle of January, 2013. Don’t miss it!

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4 Responses to “The Winners of Our Autumn Guest Blogging Contest!”

  1. Lambodar Sahu

    It feels great to be a winner.thanks for the contest. Waiting for the next one. A great place to get the good articles. Now I have many more ideas to utilize it. Thanks to the MBG and the mind behind it!

  2. jon

    Only just joined my blog guest but have already had some awesome articles submitted. Hopefully I’ll win the next contest 🙂


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