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One of the weekly traditions, Community Mastermind, is awesome source of knowledge, connections and interactions. Ever week Don would invite one expert who answers questions from the community. What a great idea!

Here are some awesome quotes from our previous mastermind guests:

Helen Hoefele: Mastermind on Excel tips for website owners and business owners

Twitter @figmentations website

Keep in mind that Excel is just a tool to help your crunch the numbers. The numbers alone are often only a guide when trying to answer questions like:  “What does this mean?” or “Why is this so?” or “How important is this?”

Mastermind on Excel

Belinda Forgy: Mastermind on Productivity and Self-Improvement

Twitter @Fat_n_HappyHW website

One of the most important things, I think, is to celebrate the small accomplishments.

Mastermind on Productivity and Self-Improvement

Deborah Anderson: Mastermind on social media

Twitter @socialwebcafe website

Social Media is a tool. It is something that helps us as humans come full circle back to the relationship skills that hopefully we learned in grade school.  When used correctly, it opens many opportunities to network professionally, as well as enrich our lives personally.

Mastermind on social media

David Faltz: Mastermind on managing clients

Twitter @davidfaltz website Youtube channel

Your clients need to think they can not live without you. Not you without them!

Mastermind on managing clients

Phil Turner: Mastermind on writing and guest blogging


Once you have found a writer whose articles are good, be sure to ask them to write for you again. I asked writers whose work I loved to write a regular article and offered them a front page slot for their contributions …

mastermind on writing and guest blogging

Bernetta Johnson: Mastermind on achieving success

Twitter @bthetravler website Youtube channel

Enjoy and have fun pursuing your goal. This is your dream your passion. Don’t give up on it. You deserve to have it.

Enjoy and have fun pursuing your goal

Demian Farnworth: Mastermind on copywriting and creativity


Learning by practice will only take you so far. Eventually you need a mentor or teacher to ruthlessly evaluate your work. That feedback is invaluable.

mentor or teacher

Craig Fifield: Mastermind on online marketing

Twitter @CraigFifield website

I think personal branding is the most important thing on the planet these days… and it really always has been it’s just difficult to recognize that through all the stuff we wade through every day.

personal branding

Ann Smarty: Mastermind on guest posting and productivity

Twitter @seosmarty website

My productivity secret is simple: “Never think you can manage what you are managing now”. I can’t tell you how often I would have missed a great opportunity just because I thought I was too busy to take a new project, meeting or challenge. You can’t learn productivity until you are absolutely, hopelessly swamped 🙂


Mark Traphagen: Mastermind on Google Authorship

Twitter @marktraphagen website

By “digital outreach” we mean that my job is to help your brand build its identity, “real estate,” reputation, authority, and reach online. Social media plays a big part in that, but its just one tactic in our box.

mastermind in Google Authorship

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