MyBlogGuest TeamIt is that time again. Time for another MyBlogGuest. Our October 2012 MyBlogGuest Google+ Hangout On Air is here, Friday, October 26, 2012 at 3PM GMT (currently 11AM EDT / 8AM PDT), same time (different day) as our weekly MBG Twitter Chat.

Featuring… YOU!

Now that we’ve got you warmed up to the hangouts, as a regular perk of the MBG Community, it is time for you to shine. Let’s truly turn this into a community hangout and discuss what is on your mind. There are no rules, per se, except that we are a courteous community and follow basic human decency.

However, for the sake of others who may want to participate, please enter the hangout with the intention to talk and be seen on camera. If you would prefer to be a silent viewer, you can do that, and just watch the hangout, but we really want to hear your lovely voice and see your face.

As in previous hangouts, our MBG Editor in Chief, Phil Turner and SEO Expert, Gerald Weber, will be making their appearance, as well as bloggers, publishers, from our own MBG community. Hint: That’s YOU!

Last month we talked about the *new* Viral Content Buzz project and will discuss a recap of what that is and why you will want to get on board as a publisher and a writer. is a project by Ann Smarty and Gerald Weber.

Don’t forget to bring the stories of how you, as a publisher, benefit from MyBlogGuest and share them with us. Have questions or need support? Bring those, too! Here is your forum and the right people to answer those questions and discuss those MBG things on your mind.

Curious about other hangouts? Here are some takeaways from the last hangout (September 2012):

Suggested Topics: October MBG Google+ Hangout

  • “What’s In It For Me?” Publisher View
  • Viral Content Buzz Recap
  • The MyBlogGuest Contests
  • Q&A

Event Page and Information on Google

This Google+ event page contains information regarding the October 26, 2012 (11am EDT / 3pm GMT) MyBlogGuest Google+ Hangout on Air. You may also leave questions there so we can add them to our list of topics for this hangout or the next. At the time that the hangout opens, we will post the invitation link so that you may join in. Remember, this is recorded, so you will become a part of MBG Community history, via video. Looking forward to it! View the full video of the September 2012 MyBlogGuest Hangout.

Deborah Anderson is a social media junkie, and serves as the Community Building Strategist on the MyBlogGuest team.  She writes about online media, in Los Angeles, on  You can chat with her during the weekly #MyBLogGuest Twitter Chats (Thursday 11am EDT/EST) and follow her @SocialWebCafe or connect on Google+.

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Deborah Anderson

Deborah Anderson, of SocialWebCafe.TV, is the social media strategist at MyBlogGuest and she hosts the MyBlogGuest monthly hangouts. Join her (@SocialWebCafe) on the weekly #MyBlogGuest Twitter Chats, and of course, these Google+ monthly MBG hangouts. Deborah loves hangouts so much that she now teaches professionals how to use Google+ hangouts and take them to the next level.
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