MyBlogGuest TeamIt is that time again. Time for another MyBlogGuest Google+ Hangout On Air. This past month, we have been taking a poll on the MyBlogGuest Facebook page to find out what time works the best for the MBG community.

From the vote tally, we were able to determine that the best time slot for the Google+ Hangout OnAir is at 3PM GMT (currently 11AM EDT / 8AM PDT).  This will keep it easy to remember, as it is the same time slot that we use for our weekly MBG Twitter Chat.  Since the hangout is on the last Friday of every month, it will fall on the day after the monthly Guest Post Push on the Twitter Chat.

Don’t forget to set your calendars for that this week, September 27th, at 3PM GMT / 11AM EDT and follow on #MyBlogGuest on Twitter.

So, MyBlogGuest Google+ Hangout on Air: This Friday 3PM GMT (currently 11AM EDT / 8AM PDT)

We announced MyBlogGuest’s First Hangout and had a great time discussing and answering MBG community questions. Gerald Weber shared with us the exciting upcoming social sharing features that were in the works. Gerald and Ann have been busy at work on that and Viral Content Buzz has launched since that first MBG Google+ Hangout, and in fact, we will be discussing more about Viral Content Buzz this Friday!  Gerald will be sharing information and answering questions about this companion site to

Video Takeaways by Ann Smarty

One week later, we had another Hangout, this time, trying out a different time slot and becoming the first of our new time slot (3pm GMT / 11am EDT  last Friday of every month). Read all about that hangout here: MyBlogGuest First Google Hangout Take Aways. During that chat, John Rampton, founder of and joined us, representing the MBG newbie and asking some valuable questions about how to use the MyBlogGuest site. MBG Editor in Chief, Phil Turner, answered these questions and more, giving us insightful information about the MBG article gallery and sharing his expertise and knowledge about blogging. Check out the takeaways from the chat in this video:

Topics in Upcoming Hangout

Event Page and Information on Google

The Google+ event page contains information regarding the September 28, 2012 (3pm GMT) MyBlogGuest Google+ Hangout on Air. You may also leave questions there so we can add them to our list of topics for this hangout or the next.

Deborah Anderson is a social media geek, among other things, and serves as the Community Building Strategist on the MyBlogGuest team.  She also writes a column for as a Los Angeles Online columnist, as well as being an RN chart topping Jazz Singer.  You can follow her @SocialWebCafe and of course, find her every Thursday at 11am EST/EDT on the MyBlogGuest Twitter Chat.

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Deborah Anderson

Deborah Anderson, of SocialWebCafe.TV, is the social media strategist at MyBlogGuest and she hosts the MyBlogGuest monthly hangouts. Join her (@SocialWebCafe) on the weekly #MyBlogGuest Twitter Chats, and of course, these Google+ monthly MBG hangouts. Deborah loves hangouts so much that she now teaches professionals how to use Google+ hangouts and take them to the next level.
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