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We continue our series of Twitter chats discussing how we should stop depending on tactics and start building strategy. Last time we talked about web traffic, what to expect and how to make it work.

This week we are discussing one tool that can become a valuable part of your strategy: Viral Content Buzz

(VCB is perfect both as a separate working tactic to generate traffic and awareness but also for analyzing and tweaking your strategy towards what works best for your content)

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Also download your copy of the “perfect guest post” cheatsheet to keep it handy as the guidelines of what works both on MyBlogGuest and ViralContentBuzz

The process that we are building inside ViralContentBuzz can help you on many levels that I tried to illustrate using this graph:

Content Marketing Cycle with Viral Content Buzz


Let’s See:

    • You can get high-quality content to stream to your followers (like I said earlier, Klout says some of my most engaging content is from VCB actually)




  • You can get your own content shared by established social media accounts (Most effective networks are supported: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and StumbleUpon. Plus we encourage users to plus each others’ content on Google Plus too!)
  • You can grow your network by following and thanking those who interacted with your content through ViralContentBuzz

All of the above activity results in higher traffic (both directly from you adding content to ViralContentBuzz (that generates shares) and, in the long-run, through your growing connections).


You can actually start from any point on that diagram, but here’s a good way to get things going (courtesy of @quicksprout)

Start with Viral Content Buzz


PRO Plans

We have added PRO plans as well for those who have a lot of high-quality content to promote. PRO plans offer:

  • Faster review (mind that all VCB project go through moderation to ensure quality but we can afford to review PRO projects faster now)
  • Recurring credits added monthly for you to be able to get more shares
  • Plus one button for VCB users to be encouraged to share your content on Google Plus
  • Private forums (with advanced Knowledge base we are still building)
  • (To be improved in the soon-to-come updates) Better social media analytics in “My Projects”
  • (To be added one of these days!) The ability to add your content automatically through RSS feed (the content will still be moderated but you won’t need to manually add each article to VCB any more). -> Save time on hassle and better focus on interacting!

Here’s a detailed ViralContentBuzz screencast by our co-founder guiding you through then features

ViralContentBuzz in action:


Don’t take the co-founder’s word for granted 🙂

We are happy to share our users’ case studies:

Viral Content Buzz case study

You can check my older case study as well where I am almost surprised it worked so well 🙂 The takeaway from that case study:

ViralContentBuzz is not an automated machine… Nor is it supposed to *fake* it that your pages enjoy some social media love. It’s the way to get discovered and move forward accordingly (if you deserve it). It’s meant to show you the direction.

That means, going back to creating the strategy versus being happy with tactics, ViralContentBuzz is an efficient traffic generation tool BUT the proper way to use it is to test and adapt your whole content strategy (“what works where and how”) instead of just boldly getting traffic and stopping there.

Viral Content Buzz takeaway

Working Traffic Tips from Experts

Now, in case you are bored, here are some video takeaways from our #VCBuzz experts

(Please do join us weekly on Tuesday noon EST to talk traffic, exposure and social media marketing;))

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Founder at MyBlogGuest
Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the platform.

3 Responses to “ViralContentBuzz for Generating Traffic #MyBlogGuest”

  1. Jonathan

    Would have loved to have been at this chat.

    Definitely some great info shared.

    I am only sorry I missed the actual chat but glad we can go back and read all about it!

  2. sumit Chhikara

    This is some of the great content with some analytic data.

    I came across, VCB just yesterday. But ignored it.

    But today when I seen the same name “ViralContentBuzz” in the subject of email I opened the email.

    It is a great project. Joining VCB now.


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