We love guest posting contests here at MyBlogGuest. They give exposure to both the host and the contestants. And they are fun!

While all our previous contests were blogging-related, this one is a bit more specific. It is all about humor – which makes it even a more enjoyable experience.

The contest is hosted at WAHumor and has only one requirement: share a funny work-at-home story!

The criteria for choosing the winner are: tweets, comments and points of humor ๐Ÿ™‚

While I never suggest focusing on prizes (the point of such a contest is to network), I’ll just say that the sponsors are awesome:

  • Brian Waraksa, Houston web design โ€“ A Flip MinoHD One Hour video camera valued at $200
  • SEOdojo โ€“ A one year membership valued at $250
  • Alisa Bowmanโ€™s marriage advice blog โ€“ $100 cash via Paypal
  • Gerald Weber, Houston SEO โ€“ $100 cash via Paypal
  • And many more!

Let the fun begin! Share your funny work-at-home story, rant or picture!

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8 Responses to “WAH Humor Guest Posting Contest – Now Live!”

  1. Dick Carlson

    My home office is a chaotic mess, but it's MY mess. It's a comfortable place to work, allows the cat lots of places to throw up, and causes lots of creativity to happen as a pile of filing cascades over a pile of client proposals. (This gives me a no-cost brainstorming session, something that I charge my clients big bucks to facilitate in their neat offices.)

    Need to find a receipt from several months ago? That's about two inches down. A proposal for a client from last year? Just search the "C:" drive for "*.doc" and it's sure to show up. One of the pugs barking angrily and can't find him? Poke those back corners with a stick and wait for the squeal.

    The computer equipment is even more entertaining. As a former Microsoft employee, I'm sure my clients envision some kind of "clean room" environment, with gleaming server racks and cables with wy-ties on every bundle. Nope. Few of the boxes even have the covers on, dust bunnies are everywhere, and cables loop and swoop.

    There's a nice color printer I don't use anymore, because the ink ran out. Now I rely on an old HP Laserjet I got for $50, because there's still some toner in the cartridge. My speakers are a little tinny, because the puppy chewed on the bass unit under the deck and it's never really worked right since then. And it's hard to see the keyboard, because the bulbs burned out in the overhead light a few weeks ago.

    Wireless? Not too reliable. The router is balanced precariously on a windowsill, and when kitty suns herself we get unexpectedly disconnected. Not to mention that it's plugged in to a bus bar with about 20 other power plugs, all on a 15-amp circuit in a very old house. Spikes? Nah — I doubt the power here ever gets above about 90 volts on a good day.

    But I don't have to worry about any of my customers EVER seeing the truth. For all they know, it looks like a NASA Shuttle Assembly Bay here.

    Ah, Working At Home. Not bad — not bad at all.

  2. Dan Reinhold

    Thanks for the announcement, Ann!!

    Ahhh, but not just your mere funny work at home story!

    If you can use humor and tell a story in posts about anything related to working online or Internet marketing, give it your best shot.

    I'm currently posting an interview series of people who use humor effectively and appropriately in their online businesses, and my hope is to present as many different people and approaches as I can until the contest ends on June 30. It's one big shared learning experience.

    Come see if your favorite is here. If not, suggest them for an interview! So far, they've been almost totally painless and some have even enjoyed them. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Your questions are welcome too. Somebody's thinking about that question in your head too…why not ask it and I'll give all you thinkers the whole lowdown.

    Will YOUR guest post have the most?!?


  3. Ann Smarty

    @Dan, would you mind checking your form. People say it shows an error after they attempt to send anything

  4. Lisa Cuddy

    Hey guys, long time lurker here so thought I would finally post. I’m a little shy because I’m a girl and it seems there are mostly guys here but I wanted to know why it seems you guys don’t have lives. Are the guys with very high post counts really better posters than the ones with less?


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