What is NOT guest bloggingI’ve mentioned quite a few times how guest posting may help your business grow. I also shared why in my opinion this is the ideal marketing strategy – where quality matters and everyone wins.

Unfortunately, not everyone can get this right. So are three things guest blogging is NOT:

1. Guest blogging is NOT link building in the first place

I know I have emphasized link building benefits of guest posting quite a few times: but if link building aspect is the first in your list of reasons why you start guest blogging, you are getting it WRONG from the very start.

This way you have good chances to sacrifice on the quality of your content (and the strategy overall) by attempting to get as much link love as you can. Don’t think about building links at all (they will come naturally). Think about other (much more important!) aims you are going to achieve: brand awareness, fans and supporters, reputation, etc!

If you only need link, don’t even start guest blogging. Period

2. Guest blogging is NOT article distribution!

Fellow marketers, I know you feel tempted to find a leak here: “Why would I spend 2 or more hours creating a great article and then post it to only one blog? Why not publish it on several blogs?”

Now, here’s my advice: DON’T do it. You’ll just screw the relationships with powerful bloggers and influencers in your niche and achieve nothing.

Try playing by the rules and you will be amazed how much more effective it is!

3. A guest post is NOT the same as product/tool review

I’ve seen enough of that. Plenty of guest posts I’ve seen focus on the by-line: just a couple of paragraphs of mediocre content and then dozen of sentences describing who the author is, what he does and how awesome his product is.

Before submitting this useless stuff, try to imagine why would a blogger want to publish it. Remember a blogger doesn’t require anything in return for linking to your site. All he needs is some good content his readers would appreciate.

Don’t waste your time doing blogger outreach if you have nothing of value to offer.

Now, to conclude, I am a marketer myself and I’ve dealt with many people who need fast, cheap results. If you are one of them, just don’t try guest blogging. This tactic is only effective if you do it right. Just don’t waste your time.

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Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the platform.

130 Responses to “What Guest Blogging Is NOT: Getting It Right”

  1. Ann Smarty

    That's a great metaphor, Doc. We should start collecting those to make the concept clearer!

    Thanks for joining – it is never too late!

  2. Connie

    Thank you Ann for the advice in this post. It is amazing how much this is common sense but so many people are not following it.

    I have come across so many blog posts that are just fluff with very little content of value. The importance of blogging is to provide value, and build relationships and trust so your audience and readers come back for more because the content resonates with them and helps them with what they need.

    Thank you for your wonderful posts and advice. I am so glad I found http://www.MyBlogGuest.com
    and look forward to learning more from your fabulous content.

    • seosmarty

      Thanks, Connie! I am glad you have found us well! Welcome to the community and please help me make it cleaner!

  3. Rachel McAlpine

    Funny, I've known for years I should be guest blogging. And yet, and yet, I've never done it. It's tough enough writing something regularly for our own loyal followers, without adding to that load. But today, I found myguestblog.com and took the plunge. You made guest blogging seem just too attractive. I felt right away that I was involved, a member of a community — not just another writer plaintively knocking at your door. So, next, get writing, Rachel!

  4. Ken Weiss

    Hi Ann, nice article. It's unfortunate you have to state the obvious, but this is what is needed to ensure everyone plays by the rules and offers only top quality original material.

  5. Bharati Ahuja

    I am already happy about being a part of this quality project. though I have not started off fully with this.

    This may help in the holistic marketing but no marketing campaign is successful unless it adds value and shares relevant information with people. Especially not on the web world. It has to be informative, content rich with the intention of sharing and helping.

    I some how feel that the WWW is making the world a better place. What do you think?

  6. senseimattklein

    I had the opportunity to guest blog recently, and my goal from the start was to write an article that I would be proud to put on my own site. I did not even ask for a link or anything, but it was provided. I had no expectations other than it would help me create more exposure for my name and help the host achieve his goals. It turned out far better than I anticipated, with a surge of traffic, coming not only from the hosts site, but also several related blogs.

    My only question, Ann, is am I right in asking for the right to put the post on eZine as well, since I put almost all my work on it? The host said ok, as long as I wait a few weeks after the guest post, which I abided by. What is the proper etiquette here, did I step on his toes?

    • Ann Smarty

      I do believe that's a matter of case-to-case arrangement: some bloggers will be OK with that, some will love the idea and some won't be excited at all.

      All in all, I guess EVERYTHING can be discussed when you do that frankly and don't try to sneak a link or something. Are you unsure as to link or not to link, just ask! The rules I listed above are general ethics people should abide not to fall prey to some scams or spams. But if you think of something beyond, you jut=st need to openly discuss that with the host: most of them are great people and will be happy to explain the way they see it.

  7. Jared

    I am new to the concept of blogging and have quickly seen some prevalent blogging missuses. Unfortunately, it seems like greed for links and anchor texts often overtakes the reason of the blog – the readers benefit! I also find that some clients want their blog to just serve as an advertising mechanism for their products. Once, again what reader wants to read another sales pitch in their spare time?! So thanks for sharing a few tips about what guest blogging is not.

  8. Rachel McAlpine

    Ann, your attitude is a delicious antidote to the incessant outpourings of all the get-and-grab types in our world of blogging. I believe in the integrity of what I do, as a blogger, and it's so nice to have company.

  9. Kay Elizabeth

    Heck Ann, I don't know whether to cry, cheer or tell you to do a lap of honor around the room for such a fantastic post! 🙂

    I [i]really[/i] like this post. This has needed to be said for a very long time. The additional suggestions in the comments are excellent too.

    And the only reason I say cry is because you reminded me of some I've been sent in the past (not from here) for The Cuckleburr Times that would reduce you to tears. Doesn't anybody read submission guidelines anymore?! My biggest gripe.

    That's why I'm so excited to be here now. Top notch quality at last and all under one roof! I can't quite believe my luck in finding you guys.

    It's decided. I'll do the cheering and you do the lap of honor. 😀

  10. Ann Smarty

    Sadly, there are still people at My Blog Guest who don't get it. We are trying to get rid of them though.

    For example, we have introduces ratings and comments, so if you come across a spammer, please rate him and report to me.

    • Eric_Halsey

      Ann, loved reading "What Guest Blogging is NOT: Getting It Right"… and of course, reading all the comments. Interesting perspectives.

      Bloggers generally have gotten away from using their blogs to serve others. They've gotten selfish in their minds and they blog for the money or to grow their business.

      If people would only realize they CAN truly obtain their objectives by staying on the service side of who THEY are; and the service side of WHO their company is… focusing more on writing & doing things with a purpose, they will become blogging leaders! A blogging leader never forgets one very key element of blogging: Its to help other people!

  11. Celvin

    Hi Ann,

    This is my first try to think about guest blog writing and I found your blog on "dailyblogtips.com". It really inspires me to go into the right direction. This is totally a new subject for me, so I hope to get all the required support from you people. Waiting for your comments…

    • Ann Smarty

      Hey Celvin, that's great! I love it that the post has inspired someone. Feel free to join the community – it is really easy to use. Just watch what other people are doing!

  12. ile de re

    Hmmm wanted to guests posting on my blog, think i'll reconsider that option or just postpone. Seems to be a control active task

  13. Rick Hendershot

    Hi Ann. I just joined and am having a look around. Your suggestions here make perfect sense and I'm sure serious bloggers agree that guest posting is a powerful tool that should not be abused.

  14. Red2Black99

    @Ann Smarty

    Hi Ann, I've read your works for quite a while now and was pleasantly surprised by your email today as I had failed to recognise that you were a part of myblogguest.com. I have read many of your interesting articles. By typing in "SEO for Excel" I found one of the most technical articles that really helped me.

    I'd like to be a part of your community if you'll have meand respect all of the rules in place. Admittedly I do have a lot to learn in the blogging world and hope that I can offer quality content and interesting ideas to this tight knit community.

    Always a pleasure!


  15. Gina

    Since each blog has different readership, it's wise to study the types of content people are reading. Advice that works for one blog's readership might not be taken in the same way with others.

    A quick marketer's SEO trick might not go down as well with a work at home mom blogger because it may not apply to her blog readers.

  16. Patrick

    Great post Ann!

    Guest blogging can give amazing results, increasing your traffic and subscribers in particular.
    Glen from viperchill has used that tactic as a major part of growing his blog, I think he's up to 10k+ subscribers now.
    Too many people try to use guest blogging to directly blow their own trumpet. Rather than purely stating how good you or your service is you should be offering valuable content which establishes you as an expert (or at least someone interesting). That will attract far more people to follow the links in your guest post and even link to your site naturally.

    Love this website BTW, hopefully I'll find some similar minded people to post on my blog.


  17. Nihar

    Yes, you are right. Every now and then i get some guest bloggers whose main aim to just get the link back which is wrong.

  18. Karen @ P4C

    I never realised what was really involved in or so great about guest blogging. It makes total sense that guests would post unique content as opposed to articles submission which creates duplicate content on hundreds of sites ( or more). I've been over to the guest blogging community and at least joined but my concern is about guest bloggers posting directly to my blog into a guets blogger author ( or contributor) account. I think I would much prefer they registered individually and created a great bio box to head their own niche. I usually add their photo manually with a good decriptive caption which is as good as any image to break down the text body. And I allow a keyword or site link in bio and body of post too as my way of thanking them for being a guest blogger.
    How do guest bloggers feel about being grouped together in the guest blogger account?
    I will however consider joining the guest blogging community as PRO in the very near future .

  19. pradip gharpure

    Very good tips for new entrants here. It makes clear what one should have in mind before doing guest blogging and what he should forget. Thanks for proper guidance.

  20. Tom Dawson

    HI Anne, I joined a couple of weeks ago and so far I have posted 3 guest blogs on my sites and have been more than happy with the quality and also the relationship building that occurs when you do post other peoples blogs. I have not yet posted any of my own blogs as yet. Do I need to be a Pro-Member to do that?

    • Ann Smarty

      Hey Tom, no you don't need to pay for anything unless you want to start guest blogging professionally. Until you look around and decide, just play with the site!

  21. rohan

    hey awesome post!! must bookmark to slap on those who ask the "how many backlinks will you allow to use" i just made a post on famousbloggers and since the post was not very close to what i have already written on ,my site i didnt include a single link back to my site! someone allowing to post on their blog is a big honor and people should not demean it by asking for favours

  22. Leisa Watkins

    I am new to this manner of exchange and to blogging but am an old hat at writing for publication. Hopefully, this will give me some great tools, a wider reader base and a large support network of other like minded individuals. I can't wait to get started.

  23. dhushor

    Great post who still doesn’t know what is guest blogging. I think guest post is like volunteerism. If you write then write for others not for your business.

  24. William Siong

    Yes, although I have not done Guest Blogging, I do believe that when we blog, our intention is to provide information of value to the visitors. As such when I guest blog for others, I should focus more on the relevancy of the topic concern. This helps both party to benefit from the exchange.

    Have a great day !

  25. Oneonta Web Designer

    Thanks for this post. I just joined myblogguest.com and signed up for the course. I am thankful that the guidelines are so clear, just to keep my butt out of trouble.

    You seem to be doing a good job of keeping things on the up-and-up and I'm psyched about learning this aspect of contributing.

  26. Dneprolab

    One more point. Author should create really good article and do not spin it. Respect each other and be in good mood!

  27. william

    I just joined myblogguest.com as well – really looking forward to learning more about guest blogging, especially the do's and don'ts.

    like most other bloggers, i'm assuming this will create a really healthy relationship with the community over the long run. in the short run, i just hope to become aware and better educated.

    thanks for all the great tips so far!

  28. Jenny

    Hi Ann,

    This is the first time I visit your blog and I am so impressed….
    Thank you so much for your tips.

  29. David


    I got the first email in your 5 day course, and I do like that you have done here.

    I am all for working with good guest bloggers, but in the past i've had people who just want to link dump and that did put me off for awhile. It's good to find a network of people who understand and respect blogging like this.


  30. Crosby

    I like your blog! Have you got a facebook or myspace or fb page? I’d really love to hook up and talk about a couple of things. Thank you for all your work.

  31. iSEOforGoogle

    Guest blogging is new as compared to others so it is been exploited a lot by spammers. I can see most of the people writing mostly crap for the sake of links.

  32. Shoaib Ibn Abdullah

    From my corner: Guest blogging is a great tool to popular yourself in your niche. I just started a blog. But at this time I don't want to write guest post. Because I don't have good content to feed my readers keep wow. I want to write guest blogging when I have something to give my readers valuable.

  33. Bruce Mackay

    Hi I am new to guest posting and think I found the right pool of knowledge to get me started. Thank you Ann I have read through most of the advice on what to do and not do. I think I understand and I am looking forward to meeting other people who are in the same pool of knowledge.
    I feel in this way we share our tips and tricks on how to best meet the readers needs. I think with quality information well researched I can become a benefit to other bloggers.

  34. Web Design Florida

    We all know that Guest blogging is not an only link building technique it provides a way to bloggers for submit their content in different guest blogging website and get new content from different bloggers. You can get benefit from it and also get back link but it's not a purely link building technique.

  35. Kari

    It's nice that guest blogging is typically not one of those things that people will spam. Could you imagine getting 100 spam guest blog posts a day? That would be exhausting.

    One more point to add to your list would be title changing just to suit the site you want to post on. For instance I have a relationship website and I have had people change their title to reflect something regarding relationships and then have nothing written about relationship is the body. It's quite frustrating and a little tricky, and it just turns me off from them completely.

  36. Ferb

    Hi and Thank you so much Ann!
    You got me right in the beginning of post. I was only want to link to other site when submit Guest Post.
    Promoting product and affiliate links everywhere via post.

    But it's not matter to republish post by summarise them in 4 or 5 lines and link to the article.
    Thank you.

  37. Ryan Hardy

    Rich words, Ann! Appreciate it and it gives me more new ideas for my blogging activity! Guest blogging is not a routine, but artistic and creative work including fresh ideas and respectful attitude.

  38. Brian Reynolds

    I found out about this site at SEOMOZ, and I am so excited to finally find a way to do the SEO thing in a manner that I feel safer about. It’s great to be here and I look forward to contributing towards building a better internet community.

  39. Kirsten Plotkin

    I’m still in the early days of guest blogging. There is no such thing as too much good advice. The more you learn the better you get. Thank you for the advice. it is greatly appreciated.
    Kirsten Plotkin



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