success-storyWith lots of lower quality writers and link builders trying to ruin the concept of guest blogging (scaring away some bloggers), it is easy to fail to see the bigger picture: Guest blogging is the way to build contacts through great content.

You don’t disable comments simply because you get a lot of spam ones. Similarly, you don’t disallow guest posts simply because you got a couple of low quality pitches.

The benefits of guest blogging and accepting guest posts WAY outweigh the inconvenience of dealing with people who don’t get it: And one of our happy publishers has the proof today!

I’ve been contacted by our blogger Stacy Jackson who was sharing the following:

Just wanted to share with you a success for one of the My Blog Guest participants and my blog rabidofficemonkey.comI am sure other people have had bigger “wow” moments, but this is my first using your service.  

Crispin Jones is mentioned on one of the New York Times blogs with a link back to my site/his post!

Congrats to Stacy and to Crispin: Great job!

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One Response to “Why Accepting Guest Posts is a Win: Success Story from Our Publisher”

  1. Don Sturgill

    I especially love that Rabid Office Monkey was a PR 0 site when this article appeared. It’s an excellent site — and won’t stay there for long — but it’s one of those David vrs. Goliath stories that just make me want to smile. Good job, Stacy and Crispin. Well done.


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