testimonialThe good news it’s spring! And if you haven’t noticed any change outside, there’s one good sign: Our grand winter contest is over!

This contest was different: As an experiment, we had a lot of rules and flexibility while being able to rely on raw numbers: There can be only one members we have identified by the number of points.

The winner of MyBlogGuest Contest is groupusers

All the recorded activity from all the participants can be found in this thread

***And the winning guest article is How To Use iPhone App to Make Long Distance Calls

Here are a few things that helped the editors choose the winner:

  • The author went an extra mile to make the article beautiful (screenshots are great!). I liked the download icons too – very user-friendly
  • The publisher added a cool summary at the top of the guest post outlining the listed apps and giving them ratings
  • The author left a comment and the publisher thanked him

Navneet Kamat is our last contest winner as well! Wow he is the pro! This time he gets well-deserved $2000 (I know he was collaborating with the author, so they will decide how to split the prize. I’ll update this post when I have their confirmation).

Navneet was our community mastermind guest in February and he has some tips for winning our contest (obviously, he knows that stuff!) Here are his tips:

  1. Subscribe to email newsletter. I have subscribed to MyBlogGuest email alerts which helped me to stay updated with all latest happenings in MyBlogGuest  community and other ones as well.
  2. Participate. To win a competition, you need to participate and that’s the basic thing!
  3. Competition Size. Watch out how much effort the community are putting forth in the competition so that you can better understand where the bar is set for and how much effort you need to put into the competition before submitting your entry.
  4. Ideas for entry submission. I always like to go an extra mile for my entries and make it something interesting for people to read through my entry.
  5. Social Connection. This is very important if the results of the contest are up to general public voting. These people will be out there to help you and below are some places where you can get help

I hope all the participants had fun and learned a lot from this contest! Each of those participating in the official thread get 100 free credits on ViralContentBuzz. Just send me a MBG PM with your VCB username to claim!

The Winner of ViralContentBuzz Contest is @Bloggless

***And the winning project is “Make Your Blog Go Viral! Build Some Buzz! Use Viral Content Buzz!


Ivana has earned 293 shares through ViralContentBuzz and generated 3178 clicks through our official shortener! Way to go!

Ivana receives well-deserved $1000

I am glad that she has won because Ivana is the perfect example of how to combine MyBlogGuest and ViralContentBuzz and that was the overall focus of this contest!


Overall Experience

As you know each of our contests is different. We make them either purely creative (share your visual case study) or mix lots of criteria together. This contest was point-based, so it was fun and the winner is clearly identified by numbers. We have learned a lot from it!

We’ve got some great reviews while the contest was going on:

Spring contest?

I would look into early summer at earliest because we have HUGE plans here at MyBlogGuest with redesign, lots of new features and resources. So we will be very busy this spring! As soon as at least part of our plans are implemented, we’ll announce a new contest. Stay tuned!


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Founder at MyBlogGuest
Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the platform.

2 Responses to “Winners Inside – Grand Winter Contest”

  1. Ivana Zuber

    Wow!! So cool :)! Thank you Ann, Gerald, and team!
    It was so much fun to write the VCB post and promote it using VCB, and now I got rewarded for it :).
    Congrats to Navneet, it is well deserved, and thanks to all the great people on VCB who shared my post.


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