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MyBlogGuest Features

MyBlogGuest - started as a forum - has soon developed into something bigger. We have been adding features per the users' requests. Some of them turned really useful, some have not been widely used so far but we are still constantly building more and fixing the existing ones (your feedback and input would be highly appreciated!)

  1. Articles Gallery
  2. Infographics Gallery
  3. MyBlogGuest Direct
  4. Email Subscriptions
  5. User Watchlist

Articles Gallery

Articles Gallery is the unique and the most useful feature we are really proud of. It allows authors to effortlessly find great blogs to publish their guest articles. For blog owners, it offers a database of unique quality content on any topic they can grab and publish and at their sites any time.

To add an article to the gallery, navigate to "My Articles" and click "Submit Article"

You will need to specify:

  • The article title and description;
  • The article category and tags;
  • The byline (where you can put your self-serving links).

Please check our Checklist for Gallery submissions for the list of must-take steps before you upload your first article to the Articles Gallery.

Clicking "Publish" will send the article to the public gallery for blogger to put your offers.

The Article Gallery consists of the list of all uploaded articles. It can be filtered by category and searched by tag. The blog owner can see:

  • The article title, description, category and tags;
  • The article preview (first couple of paragraphs of the actual post);
  • The number of words.
  • The author's byline (with external links to his personal projects)

As blog owner (publisher) you can offer your blog for any article by clicking "Offer (Free!)" link (it becomes visible once you hover over the article title). In the form you will be asked to specify the blog to use it for as well as the approximate time frame when you plan to publish the article:

MyBlogGuest features

If the author accepts the offer, you will be offered to copy the full HTML of the article. From now on, this article is removed from public gallery because each article can only be published once.

If the blog owner fails to publish the article as promised, an automated notice will be sent to both the author and the blogger (this is to remind them of the deal). After this notice is received, the author can revert the post back to the gallery or wait for the update from the blog owner.

Another useful feature added to the Articles Gallery is the ability to send your articles directly to blog wp-admins for the owners to only push "Publish" button!

Infographics Gallery

The Infographics Gallery is the most recent addition to our toolset. It allows blog owners (publishers) to diversify their blog content with constant stream of relevant infographics. Infographics authors can use the gallery to get additional exposure to their content.

Infographics providers can provide as many unique descriptions of their work as they want. They can accpet one offer for descriptions (we are still about providing *unique* content here). Here's how it works:

MyBlogGuest Direct

MyBlogGuest Direct is our tool that allows you to receive guest posts right to your blog dashboards. The articles will be saved as drafts: we do not support or encourage automatic publishing. The blog owner has 100% full control over which guest articles are being published on his blog.

Please watch the video overview for more details:

My Subscriptions

We have quite a few subscription options here to allow users to keep updated on what is going at MyBlogGuest.

To access and modify your current subscriptions, navigate USER MENU -> Subscriptions

There you will be able to see the following sections:

1. Your current subscriptions by the forum thread: by replying to any thread you automatically get subscribed to all new replies. The list of your active thread can be found and modified in this section:

Subscriptions by topic

2. Your current subscriptions by category: You can subscribe to any category to be updated of all new blogs and posts within the topic of your interest. In this section you can control your category subscriptions:

Subscriptions by category

Tip! To subscribe to any category:

  1. Go to Search
  2. Select your category in the drop-down
  3. Click "Subscribe" to the right:

Subscribe to category

3. Your current Article Gallery subscriptions: You can set the platform to alert you via email of new articles in the gallery within your preferred category.

  1. Click Articles gallery;
  2. Select your category in menus;
  3. Click "Subscribe" button to the right:

Articles Gallery Subscription

4. Email Digest and Email Course Subscriptions.

Here you can subscribe to weekly email digest of all new topics, articles and blogs within any category (Email Digest) as well as subscribe to our free 5-day email course allowing to better understand how the platform works and which features to check out:

Email Digest and Course


This feature should be appreciated by active guest bloggers. It is meant to help you organize the requests and connections you make.

Here's an example.

Let's say you have contacted a member and arranged a guest post. You have emailed a guest post to a person but want to remember who you sent the post (for example, not to forget to follow-up on the status).

So you navigate to that user's profile and click a tiny dark-blue icon next to it. In the form you set up:

  • The alert type (which in our case is "A post submitted / Pending")
  • Keywords (for example, the post topics)
  • Alert date (you will receive an in-forum and or email alert when you specify)

Add to Watchist

Now, once the specified date is due, you will see the following alert (as well as an email alert depending on your settings):

watchlist alert

We will also track if there was any communication with the added user (the last date of email, if the user replies or not):

All the connections you watch will be stored in your WATCHLIST and accessed online (you can search through your contacts based on the keywords you used when adding them):


If you would like to suggest more features to make MyBlogGuest better, please do so by email me at seosmarty @ gmail.com (please remove spaces)