Here's the list of articles you will find helpful in understanding the process and benefits of guest blogging.

How Guest Blogging Works

1. What is Guest Blogging

If you have no idea what it is all about, be sure to check out the article.

2. How to Arrange and Write a Killer Guest Post

Follow these steps if you want to write guest posts that are not rejected and build real relationships with blog owners.

3. The Ultimate Guide to Accepting Guest Posts on Your Blog

Here's how you can attract and find great contributors for your blog and build a strong community of guest bloggers around your site, be sure to bookmark this guide.

How MyBlogGuest Works and How It Is Being Built

1. My Blog Guest is a Relationship Builder, Not Just an SEO Tool

Although I started My Blog Guest as an alternative approach to link building, I learned that the strategy has far more important benefits than just SEO. Guest blogging is a relationships and reputations builder.

2. How I am building MyBlogGuest

How I came up with the idea and implementation. How MyBlogGuest is being built by its members.

3. My Blog Guest – Initial Impressions

One of our members' take on how MyBlogGuest works and what to expect.

4. Guest Blogging with MyBlogGuest

The experienced user's feedback on MyBlogGuest and what it feels like inside.

5. Interview with Ann Smarty of

This interview shares my own insight, how the service can help both guest bloggers and blog owners and which problems we have to deal with.

Why to Guest Blog? The Benefits

Build brand via guest posting1. 20+ Reasons Why You Need to Start Guest Blogging

Yes! There are actually quite a few reasons to start guest blogging. So you should really start now!

2. How Guest Posting Builds Your Brand

Guest blogging is one of the most powerful ways to build your brand: it exposes your expertise to millions of readers of A-list bloggers and makes you a niche authority people feel like following.

People will learn your expertise and you will be amazed to see your name being mentioned much more often and your words being cited on major industry resources.

3. Create a Compelling Online Portfolio by Guest Blogging

You are not paid to guest post but think about the long-term benefit of guest blogging: soon your brand will be strong enough and you will be able to charge much more for your services.