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FeaturesFreeBasic PremiumAdvanced
  - $50 per month $90 per month
Access to all available guest blogging opportunities (through the forum)YesYesYes
Social media (and other) help from board administrators and moderators Yes Yes Yes
The ability to offer your blogs to host available articles in the Article Gallery Yes Yes Yes
The ability to upload new articles to Articles Gallery for hundreds of bloggers to offer their sites to publish your content - 4 Articles Live in the Gallery 10 Articles Live in the Gallery
Access to high-quality "Article Requests" section - Yes Yes
The ability to upload new infographics to Infographic Gallery to earn easy buzz around your infographics - Yes Yes
The ability to track all your published articles status (we monitor all your published article and notify you if it was deleted, links removed or nofollowed) - Yes Yes
The ability to manage and track your contacts and tasks via the "Watch list" - Yes Yes
The ability to send guest posts directly to blogger's wp-admin (save time! no emailing back and forth!) - 3 a day 3 a day
The ability to receive guest posts directly to your wp-admin as drafts from approved members (save time! no emailing back and forth!) Yes Yes Yes
Access to private forums for advanced / secret guest blogging and link building tips - Yes Yes
The ability to receive email digest of new threads, blogs and articles within any category - Yes Yes
The option to subscribe to weekly email digest within any category or categories (to get alerted of new offers, blogs and articles) - Yes Yes
Google verified authorship support - Yes Yes
Free guest blogging plugin Yes Yes Yes
Daily PM + Forum email limit 20 40 60

Promoting and developing this forum has taken too much time and effort for me to afford not to monetize it in any way. Quick note: I made sure that none of the free features has been limited since the launch. So the members are not losing anything.

Premium members pay just $50 per month now (this is most likely to go up while more and more features are being added. So consider subscribing now while we are just rolling out).


What our PRO users say:

Everett SizemoreEverett Sizemore (user everett): I've used My Blog Guest since the first week the site was launched, and have always thought it was a great resource. However, managing the guest posting relationships got to be time consuming with a regular account so I purchased a Pro membership. Since going pro the process of getting our content placed on high quality sites has become very quick and easy.

I don't have to pitch the article or deal with back-and-forth emails. I just put our content up in the gallery and wait for the offers to roll in. One click to approve an offer is all it takes. I am automatically notified with a link when the content is published. Likewise, I can easily browse the article gallery to find content that matches my sites. I have published about a dozen high-quality guest posts on my sites from the My Blog Guest article gallery in the pro section. It is worth every penny!



More details on features added to the premium membership:

  • Articles Gallery: PRO members can upload the unlimited number of posts to Article Gallery to let hundreds of bloggers offer their sites to publish your content.
  • The ability to send posts directly to the wp-admin of blogs as "drafts". This means: no emailing back and forth, no logging-in, no time wasted for uploading and configuring the posts. This feature will be tested first but once it is up, I am going to roll it out for premium members.
  • Member watchlist. In an effort to make the forum better organized, we are introducing this feature that will allow to add statuses to members, set reminders for any actions and access all your arranged connections from one dashboard.
  • Premium forum. Here I will be sharing all most useful lists I can: high-profile blogs that are looking for contributors, best article directories, "dofollow" high-quality Q&A sites, etc. The lists are not going to be huge but they contain useful information I used myself when building links and distributing content. Neither of those (user-generated) resources is for spamming of course - this is the only reason why I've never made the list public and am now offering them only to premium members.

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