General Rules of Conduct

(1) Please don't spam. Don't send spammy PMs or explicitly self-promote. We are here to build solid connections and network: you are not going to find friends if you spam them.

(2) Please don't troll and don't attack other members. Let's maintain friendly atmosphere.

(3) Please only tell truth about your stats and social media power. If you lie, we won't trust you.

(4) Please report users who seem to lie.

(5) Please be open to discuss with your partner (guest blogger or blog owner you have a deal with) all your special needs. The key is in mutual arrangement of any conflicts or issues that arise.

As a Guest Author you must:

  • Always provide *only* absolutely unique content (as a guest post);
  • Always provide high-quality valuable information in your guest post. (How to define "valuable" here? Just read your article over and honestly think if it would turn useful to you if you saw it as a reader).
  • Never attempt to pay for a link (We follow Google's rules here)

Please mind that we do NOT build links here. We build connections!

As a Blog Owner (Publisher)

As a blog owner (who welcomes guest contributions), you are required:

  • Never ask for payment or a backlink in exchange for publishing a guest article
  • Always get back to everyone who contacts you from within our community (be it a rejection or an approval);
  • Always keep your offers up-to-date (request to close outdated threads, update your offers with new details, etc);
  • Always discuss all the article edits and refinements before you publish the guest post (in case your prior approval)

As a blog owner you are *NOT* required to (and guest bloggers should keep that in mind):

  • To approve and publish the guest post (it is absolutely up to you to make your judgments if this post fits your blog and adds value to it).

MyBlogGuest Team Responsibilities

We DO NOT sell a service here. Within our platform you are free to use free tools or pay for advanced tools (that allow for better productivity), but we are not providing you with any service. It is up to you which content you want to publish. It is up to you which blog you want to choose for your content.

We are doing our best to keep the spammers away from our platform. We are keeping an eye on the community rules to be observed by anyone. We are also helping you to settle any issues that may arise. However the contacts you are building here are your sole responsibility.