Wow! We haven’t had our guest post round-ups for ages and I figured we should have one before the New Year, so I spent almost one whole day putting it together.

Check what others have written, tweet and share those pieces you really liked and get inspired. Enjoy!

Honorable mentions: MyBlogGuest Review: A Place for Guest Bloggers to Call Home (thanks for the great review!) and 5 Reasons To Love (a very sweet post sharing why you love our community so much!).

So want to see what really gets arranged and published through our community: read further.

Oh and Happy Holidays!

In-Depth Guides at AboutUs.ORG

We are delighted to have AboutUs.ORG official representative to manage guest contributors. Here are some articles arranged through MyBlogGuest so far:

technology1. Find and Market Prospects on the Social Web: our very awesome moderator Jason Capshaw of MyWebtronics shares a five-step process to landing a new client in our information-overloaded, overmonetized realia.

technology2. Web Browser Testing Makes Your Site Look Right: our another beloved moderator (and now administrator) Roko Nastic of Webmaster Format shares a very detailed guide on why and how to make your websites cross-browser compatible.

technology3. Choose the Right Domain Name: Kamanashish Roy of WebPrachar shares why the domain name is so important to your business and how to choose a great one.

25 Guest Posts Arranged Through MyBlogGuest

I love the variety in styles, topics and perspectives of the articles that get published due to our community. Way to go!

Finance1. A Detailed Guide to Shopping Safely Online (over at Fat Wallet blog): Khalid J Hosein of Gizmos for Geeks shares a very thorough post on how to watch your back when shopping online: never get scammed!

Bysiness2. Team Building Quotes to Inspire and Motivate (over at Lyndsay Swinton of Management for the rest of us has created a handy treasure trove of team building quotes by proven motivators to help you inspire your corporate team.

Health3. Games to Combat Memory Loss for Alzheimer’s and Dementia (over at Medical Alert Bracelets blog): Sarah from provides a very interesting post listing great memory enhancing activities (which you may find useful for general usage as well).

General4. Top 10 American Civil War Blogs (over at The Top 10 Blog) by Laurel Sarfan of My Dog Ate My Blog: hardly ever will you be able to see such unique and well-written lists like this one.

Creativity5. 4 Blog Post Ideas to Get You Unstuck (over at Techiemania) – Kristina outlines some practical tips on getting inspired when you want to write but don’t know what.

Lifestyle6. 5 Things You Must Bring on Any Family Vacation (over at Mai Travel Site) – Sarah of shares some very useful tips on what to bring in a trip when traveling with kids.

Relationships7. Celtic Themed Weddings (over at KC Weddings): Leigh Maher of provides a huge resource of inspiration for originally themed weddings.

Relationships8. Top Educational TV Programs for Preschoolers (over at My Lighty Weight Strollers): Laurah Hagen shares the list of useful TV programs worth a look.

technology9. The Best Reason Ever to Use Twitter Lists (over at Rinf): our very smart Blogher resident Virginia DeBolt aka Web Teacher shares some awesome uses of Twitter lists (if you are not using the tool, you must start now!)

technology10. Facebook vs Twitter: UBERBATTLE (over at Idaconcpts) an awesome guest cartoon by Kate of Arguing with a Doughnut, that visualizes an epic fight to the death between the two social networking giants.

technology11. Lighting Style Guide: Lighting In Your Bathroom (over at Build Direct Blog) – the forth part of the impressive guest series on lighting by Emily Widle.

Creativity12. Why Creativity is Like a Bowling Ball (over at Inspired to Write): Sarah Gonski compares creativity to a bowling ball because “You know how much effort it takes to roll a bowling ball? ?A lot – it’s pretty heavy.? But once it gets started, it’s mostly smooth sailing (aside from the occasional gutter ball – hey, it happens!)”. So well-put!

Relationships13. 5 Tips for Getting Through Your First Break From Baby (over at Sitter Compare): this post by Suzy of SureBaby is especially close to my heart because I have yet to travel somewhere from my baby (and she is two already!)

technology14. Overcoming Obstacles to Get Web Traffic! (over at Nick Gomes of 6Laughs shares his case study on how he was promoting his blog (nothing teaches better than a great example!)

technology15. The SEO Checklist to KickStart Your Site (over at Quick Online Tips): Alek Jones is owner and Partner of Networth Media shares some essential tips on optimizing your site to ensure the proper launch.

Health16. How to Dodge the Flu at the Office (over at Matt’s Musings): Harriet Norris of lists some very timely advice on how to avoid flu epidemy at your office.

technology17. 5 Easy Ways to Revamp your Kitchen (over at Let’s talk about Floors): Tabitha of Home Organization Tips talks about some of the accessories that can easily be changed out in kitchens.

technology18. SEO: Imitation in Action (over at Rinf): Tim Smithson describes what imitation is and how it helps to achieve higher rankings, convert customers, and increase your sites ROI.

technology19. Creative AdWords Ad Strategies (over at Romow Internet Blog): Claire Jarrett explains how you can set your AdWords campaign to stand out regardless of word limits and without breaking any rules.

technology20. Loyal Subscribers: Your Most Valuable Business Asset (over at Lakeshore Branding Blog): Michelle Adams of explains how having a solid subscription base will rescue your website from dropped rankings and lower traffic.

Lifestyle21. 5 Money Saving Top Tips for the Super Frugal Traveler (over at The Daily Buggle): Ryan Embly CarRentalExpress shares a beautiful post on how to travel on budget and still have fun.

technology22. Time Spent Online Matches Time Spent Watching TV (over at Idaconcpts): James Barry of Wolf21 shares some interesting statistics on how the Internet is now as popular as TV (and we are not going to stop!)

General23. Keep It Simple, Seriously (over at Love to Feel): Marge Bannick of writes a great post dedicated towards maintaining sanity in the recession and with the holidays fast-approaching: forgive yourself for what you just don’t get done, and resolve to enjoy yourself regardless of the stress and pressure.

Health24. Sugar, Diet and Teeth (over at Dr Kals Weight Loss Tips): Stephen Kelly of Cosmetic Dentistry Guide describes how eating sugary foods isn’t just a problem for people’s weight. It is a recipe for tooth loss.

technology25. Top Five iPhone 4 Apps for College Students (over at Lost In Technology): Zoe of iPhone 4 covers blog shares some useful iPhone applications college students would be delighted to have.

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