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MyBlogGuest was started as a free forum with the idea of connecting people for mutual guest blogging benefits. It was never meant to grow that big. It was never meant to be monetized. It was funded from my services.

Then we started features that people needed or were asking for. That’s when we started paid memberships in order to cover development and maintenance costs. None of the initially free features has become paid. And we added some free features as well.

Free Features

If you seek free content for your blog, all parts of the site are FREE for you. You can get free articles, free infographics, free eBooks. Our guest blogging WordPress plugin is another absolutely free and cool feature any publisher can install to get an easy access to our database of free content.

We had an indepth chat on free features previously: MyBlogGuest Free Features for the Guest *Author*

Basically, as a free member, you get an access to the variety of free stuff including:

  • Forum and forum subscriptions (that send you email updates of new requests)

  • Free hand-picked lists (like “Featured opportunities” list that gets constantly updated)
  • Inbox (together with “Follow up” reminders that allow you to scale your outreach)
  • Free “Help needed” forum where you can get extra social media shares for your guest posts (This feature has been later expanded to a separate free platform called Viral Content Buzz)
  • “Friendlist” is a cool feature that helps you organize and keep in touch with your MBG connections

PRO membership

PRO membership was designed for guest authors who seek getting further educated and placing more guest articles. It’s meant to actually turn you into a content marketing and guest blogging *pro*.



The cost to upgrade can be found in our FAQ

Let’s go through the PRO features in more detail.

1. Articles Gallery

Video overview: MyBlogGuest Articles Gallery – Guest Blogging

Articles Gallery allows you to put your unique guest articles in front of bloggers who’ll see the title, the preview (first couple of sentences), number of words, your ratings from other members, the list of all links used in the article, tags, etc. Based on that, bloggers may decide if they want to publish your article as a guest contribution and “offer” there site for it (noting the period of time they may be able to publish it). If you decide to accept their offer, bloggers will get an access to the full article HTML and can publish it.

Articles Gallery is *editorial* – meaning that we have to monitor the quality of content that goes live there. The full checklist of requirements is public here.

There are some neat features inside too:

  • You can verify your Google Authorship of all guest posts to have all your content around the web assigned to you (and thus get more visibility and branding in search results)
  • We track deadlines for you: If the blogger takes longer to publish an article than he/she originally promised, we’ll send an alert to you and the blogger
  • We track all published articles: If any of your links is removed or nofollowed, if your guest post got removed or if the host blog ceased to exist, you’ll get alerted and will be able to contact the publisher, then seek our team’s help and possibly (if the article disappeared for good) find a new home for it (not to waste your content and resources).
  • You can send any of your articles directly to a blog using MBG Direct feature (here’s the video tutorial of the feature). You can also add your favorite blogs to a separate list to keep placing your articles there
  • You can suggest your articles to bloggers (or ask our mods to do that via emailing at mods AT myblogguest). Note that your article needs to comply with all our quality requirements in order for our moderators to be able to suggest it.

2. Infographics Gallery

Video tutorial: My Blog Guest Infographics Gallery – Promote Your Infographics!

Case study: Case Study: How I Got 10 Powerful Links to My Infographic in Two Days

Infographics gallery works the same way as the articles gallery; the only difference is that it’s meant to help you get additional exposure to your visual content.

3. eBooks Gallery

eBooks gallery is the newest addition to our PRO feature set. It’s meant to help you find bloggers who are willing to publish reviews of your (e)Books.

4. Articles Requests

Video tutorial: Guest Article Requests for Authors

Articles Requests is the live data base of high-quality and niche blogs that are willing to publish your contributions. You need to first “pitch” your idea to any and then you can send your guest post if your pitch is approved (that way you have a much higher success rate).

You need to carefully follow the bloggers’ guidelines when sending your guest post to any publisher. All articles are pre-edited in this section.

Articles Requests section is now included in all paid plans. If you are an older PRO member

5. Private Forum

Private forum was the very first feature when it was just a forum. Right now we are using it for public support as well as for additional training. One of the must-participate threads in there is my personal “Content ideas” where I help authors brainstorm based on their topics and needs.

6. Watchlist

Add to Watchist

Watchlist was created to help you keep track of your communication and get reminders of what needs to be checked or followed up on.

Beta testing?

Our elite membership is our way to give talented writers a FREE opportunity to test ALL our paid section.

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Founder at MyBlogGuest
Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the platform.

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