guest blogging contestUpdate: our winter contest is closed, the winners have been announced. Congrats!

2012 is the special year because that’s when we are starting our official guest blogging contest!

That’s the easiest contest you’ve ever seen: you get great content, extra traffic and engagement to your blog and free money!

No strings attached: you don’t need to do anything special to participate: no extra links or responsibilities.

All you need to do is to use the Articles Gallery to offer your blog for relevant articles, then (once your offer is approved) publish your guest post on your blog and share the link here.

(Here’s a quick video intro into how the gallery works)

>>> Grand Prize: $1000 to the winner. We’ll also have a few other prizes for most active participants which will come as sweet surprises πŸ™‚

>>> All the articles should be from the Articles Gallery: please share the username of the author each time you link to the guest post (you can find all guest posts which were approved for your blogs here).

>>> The contest will end on February, 20 – the earlier you nominate your post, the better!

>>> The guest post must be published between January,1 and Feb,15 to qualify!

>>> You can nominate as many guest posts as you want (provided they qualify to enter)!

How will the winner be chosen?

  • We’ll use social media activity (Tweets and Likes) and comments at your guest post as the major factor
  • We’ll get help from our moderators to judge the contest (your own engagement will be evaluated: your ratings and activity in our community as well as your active participation in the discussion at the post at your own blog)

Are there any requirements to join?


  • Your blog home page must have Google PR of 2 (at least)
  • You must be a registered user of MyBlogGuest with the verified blog
  • You need Twitter and Facebook count buttons installed at the post level
  • You need to have comment option available (with no registration required)

What you are allowed to do:

  • Feel free to use our Help Needed forum to promote your guest post (and help promote other guest posts as well of course: don’t expect to get without giving!)
  • Feel free to let the author of the guest post know that you are participating in the contest and ask to help

What you are NOT allowed to do:

  • Buy social media votes (trust me, this is very easy to tell when the Tweets, Likes or Comments are paid for. Your money will be wasted: we’ll exclude you from the contest if you try to fake it)
  • Promise anyone to share the prize in case you win (Trust me, we’ll find out!)
  • Change the publication date of your current post for it to qualify (we have plenty of tools to tell when the post was actually published for the first time)

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Founder at MyBlogGuest
Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the platform.

24 Responses to “Publish Guest Posts from the Articles Gallery and Win $1000”

  1. Jeet Dholakia

    Great contest but just one suggestion instead of Google Page Rank 2 can you make it to Google Page Rank 1 because it takes lot of time to get updated. please its my personal request to you.

  2. Nicole

    What about disclosure? Shouldn't it be disclosed that by publishing the guest post we are entering into a contest?


    • Ann Smarty

      No disclosure needed. We do not seek any additional exposure here. All we need is to attract more bloggers to the Gallery. So, like I said, the blog owners should do nothing in particular: just post guest articles from the Articles Gallery!

  3. ItalianEnglishBlog

    Yes, great contest! But I agree with Jeet: Could you make it to Google Page Rank 1??? thanks

  4. Nadeem Khan

    I already have published around 20 articles from the article gallery on my blog in the last 4-5 days without even knowing about this contest πŸ˜€

  5. Thomas

    So am I wanting to publish guest posts on my blog or am I wanting to write guest posts to publish on other blogs? Sorry I am confused!



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