While the practice of guest posting is getting more and more popular, many people still wonder how it is different from just plain blogging.

This post represents a guest infographic which clearly outlines the difference.

It is also a funny one.

Plus, don’t miss our detailed post on the difference between blogging for yourself and guest blogging.

While we do not mean to say you should stop blogging and start to only guest posting (the two should definitely co-exist), this infographic will outlay the hugest benefits of the latter):

(Please click the image to enlarge)

(Please click to enlarge)

Publish the infographic to your blog:

<a href="http://myblogguest.com/"><img title="guest blogging infographic" src="https://myblogguest.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/guestblogginginfographic-thumb.jpg" alt="" width="450" height="769" /></a>

This infographic is by Brandon Rhodes who works for Response Mine, an interactive marketing agency offering customer acquisition and lead generation services.

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51 Responses to “What is Guest Posting – an Infographic”

  1. Επιπλα

    Great! And how can we find blogs to send our nifty articles? is there an automated process or i just have to get in contact with them first… i know it is not an expert’s question…thank you!!

  2. Peter Smith

    I am very interested to do that but i have no website list for published my content. can u help me by providing some site list.

  3. rambabu

    i am glad to find this infographic on guest posting , where it is being shown the actaul benefits and facts of this. thanks Brandon

  4. naveen kumar rajput

    It’s great now i get to know ,what is guest posting and how to do guest posting.Thanks to the author to share with us such a great article on guest posting .I like this website.



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