MyBlogGuest is a fantastic way for bloggers and webmasters to get some content, often quality content, from a vast pool of talent.

However, not everyone goes about it the right way! Inspired by a recent conversation on the private forum of MyBlogGuest, here are some tips for bloggers and webmasters looking to get the most out of the forum.

Establish your blog first

Almost any blog can get guest posts on MyBlogGuest. But don’t expect a new blog to get blog posts from experienced bloggers!

There are two problems with new blogs looking for content. The first is that until a blog is established, very few people are likely to see that content. The second is that experienced bloggers, who are more likely to produce quality content, will assess your website for popularity and direct their efforts elsewhere.

From a writer’s point of view, a new blog is more likely to be abandoned than an established one. In addition, an established website will offer more benefits in both SEO terms and in reaching a new audience.

Establish your blog, and prove its worth, before you start asking for guest requests. You’ll find tones of links to articles which can help you with this on the MBG post roundup.

Write your request with care and skill

“I want someone to write a guest post on my website.”

The above sentence is not attractive. When I read guest post requests, I assume that a lack of sophistication in the writing reflects a lack of sophistication in the website. And I move on to the next guest post request. (There’s lots of them!)

Avoid arrogance – and excessive conditions!

“Your post should be between 750 and 751 words long (75/76 words to each paragraph) and must be of stupendous quality to be deigned worthy of appearance in You may include one link in your bio which we may, if we feel like it, include in the article IF it includes no keywords which could in any way be related to you or your website. To include the article visit our website and fill in our 5 page submission form before emailing me the guest post in an SOMEWYRDFONT format, triple spaced and with 10 superb images for us to choose from. Anyway not filling in these requirements will be deleted immediately, will not appear on our pr0 blog and may be sued for wasting my valuable time.”

Okay, the above may be over the top but I have seen very arrogant requests posted by people with frankly mediocre blogs. Arrogance is going to cost you writers.

Focus on the writer AND strut your stuff

Instead, focus on how writing for you can help the writer. Outline the benefits. If you have a great audience, get tonnes of comments, thousands of links, hundreds of readers, appear on Google News, have a high pr now is the time to mention it. In fact why not do so in your title. I always stop and look when there is a major benefit in the title of the guest post request.

Finally, if you have an established blog and are looking for guest writers for tobacco, smoking, e-cigarettes or affiliate marketing – please contact me 🙂

James Dunworth is the co-founder of ECigaretteDirect, the UK retailer of the HALO E Cigarette, and the affiliate manager of the ECigaretteDirect affiliate program.

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32 Responses to “How to Write Perfect MyBlogGuest Guest Post Request & Get Hundreds of Quality Posts”

  1. TrafficColeman

    Plus if you network with people then maybe they will want to submit a post at sometime. This mean a little more traffic from their blog to yours.

    "Black Seo Guy "Signing Off"

  2. James

    "One more tip in my opinion is avoid common themes. Try to create a unique and fresh look for specific niche"

    Good tip, Dneprolab.

    "You have broken link."

    Couldn't see it, but maybe Ann has already fixed it.

  3. Giuseppe

    Ultimately any post must deliver value to the reader. The blog owner needs to ensure that the guest post is relevant and of value to their readers.

  4. David

    Great Tips Ann, I just start one platform for Top 100 Writers, your all tips are awesome and will be helpful for me

  5. ranjithfs1

    According to the writer here, how do you define a blog that may ask others for guest posts? I mean , what is the ideal number of hits, followers, RSS subscribers it should have?

  6. James

    I am not laying out any rules here 🙂 Obviously any blog can put out a request for a guest post, but experienced bloggers are going to be looking for some proof that the blog is established/can deliver what they are looking for before they spend valuable time writing for that blog. What they require is going to depend on what they want from your blog, and also how well their own blog is established.

    For example, is someone is only thinking about getting a link with a keyword, they might only want to check that your website is indexed, has a few links pointing in it and isn't likely to disappear any time soon.

    It's impotant also to remember very many very new blogs get abandoned after the first rush of enthusiasm has disappeared. In MBG's early days I noticed one poster posted numerous requests for guest posts – and she got some – only for the blog to disapear after a few weeks. That's a colossal waste of time for everyone who wrote for it!

    Now if a site is looking for traffic or brand exposure they might be meauring other signals such as the amount of interaction the blog has, the number of subscribers, the type of links (editorial or manufactured) e.t.c. Exactly what they are looking for would depend partly on their blog. If they have 5000 subscribers they might not be interested in a site which has 200 readers, but a blog with 10 subscribers might be happy to reach 500 readers.

    If you do have a new blog, though, you can increase your chances of getting guest posters by going easy on the conditions and making it easy for people to post. However, as you are likely to get less requests than established blogs, you need to be wary of accepting low quality posts as this will set the tone of your blog for the future.

    Incidentally, I started a new site a week or so ago ( and I am not planning to ask for any blog posts for some months, by which time it should be well indexed and ranking!

  7. Lindsay

    These are fantastic tips, thanks for sharing. Just yesterday I was thinking that I'd like some guest posters every once. Perfect timing!

  8. James

    Of course, the other thing to do, if you have a very new blog, is to add value in some other way. For instance, you could hold a competition so that guest posters get the chance to win a prize AND get a link back to their site. Then you can promote the competition on competition sites, press releases e.t.c. which will also help to establish your site.

  9. James

    Agreed. I think there one of the biggest risks of guest posting is that quality will fall because the blogger feels obliged to accept below par posts. I don't know about other guest posters but I look at the quality of the writing before writing a guest post for a blog.

  10. easysixfigureincome

    Agreed but I am a newbie and I understand that you would not want to give your valuable content to lilttle old me but everyone needs to start off here. I am on the rise and could be great if someone would give me a chance.

    That chance is through content and help from others trying to do the same thing. So although I understand that someone may not want to guest post for me a site that is relatively new I would hope that once my site is reviewed they would see it differently and want to post.

  11. Melanie

    I've just had a fantastic opportunity to guest blog without even one subscriber! (Not yet, anyway.) Hadn't even had my first Comment yet. How? My posts are really good: tight, well-written, a bit off-center, incorporating as much of my wisdom and training and credentials as possible — all in order to help folks. I'm invested in content marketing (monetization is coming), and marketing to circumstances rather than demographics.
    And the blogger who invited me to guest post — who, by the way, has hundreds of avid subscribers, and is a very well-established presence in her field (astrology) — has one goal: to provide resources for her readers.
    I didn't need to do or be anything other than a good resource. There are always a million ways to reach one's goal, aren't there? It's been a blast!

  12. GPS Watches

    I recently asked for some guest posts for a new blog and got three replies. I was happy with the content from those replies and published them immediately. But maybe I was lucky as the website is only a couple of months old, and my guest post request was not well written – at least not in comparision to what I would write next time, having read your article.

  13. david vilson

    Its really a great blog to promote your own website. I am really looking fwd to post my own articles but not seeing any tutorial to teach step by step procedure.

  14. Mellisa James

    Nice tips. I been noticing lately that social media posts seem to kick ass and get alot of attention lol But I dont want to write all SM post so I mix them in

  15. Jason Maher

    It?s really a great and useful piece of info. I?m glad that you just shared this useful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Fire News

    Nice tips. I been noticing lately that social media posts seem to kick ass and get alot of attention lol But I dont want to write all SM post so I mix them in.

  17. Web Design Florida

    This is good information about posting new guest blog request but content must be requiring unique and fresh. The main thing is blog owner needs to make sure that the guest post is related and valuable to their readers.

  18. Kari - Be Happy

    It's important to make someone feel like you value their work as well. I would rather have someone interested in my content in my post than filling up their blog with some writing.

  19. Rina As

    I've found a site that requires too much for people who want to become a guest writer on his blog. some of them, should write a post on the top 700 words, subscribe to rss feed her, always commenting on his blog and so on that I think is very time-consuming. Though will we be forced to focus on his blog
    Thanks for this useful tips to get blog guest, very useful..

  20. Jon

    I guess the main thing is to treat each request as any other business transaction. Treat guest blogging with the same respect as you treat paid relationships and you will do well. Abuse it and you will likely fail!


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