1.  Generate more traffic to your website;

2. Attract (potential) customers / subscribers;

3. Build (powerful) links to your site;

4. Increase your brand awareness;

5. Build the reputation of a real expert in your niche;

6. Build contacts with bloggers;

7. Learn other bloggers’ tactics and methods;

8. Get inspired by seeing what other bloggers do;

9. Get feedback on what you do “from outside”;

10. Reach new communities and topic hubs;

11. Get introduced to new niches you were unaware of;

12. Become known in other “neighboring” niches (where you can expand your business to);

13. Find new business partners;

14. Share your story to a wider audience;

15. Experiment;

16. Become a better writer;

17. Learn to communicate in various circles;

18. Broaden your outlook: get to know more resources in your niche;

19. Influence the influencers (and become one);

20. Help your campaign to go viral;

21. Create an impressive online resume;

22. Learn to cater for various types of audience;

23. There are more! Let’s discuss them in the comments!

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Ann Smarty

Founder at MyBlogGuest
Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the platform.

70 Responses to “20+ Reasons Why You Need to Start Guest Blogging”

  1. hitokirihoshi

    okay now i know what's the benefits of guest blogging. i receive a guest blogging proposal and i don't know if i''m going to give him a chance.

    but my question is what are the things i should i consider before letting him to post an article in my website?

  2. Rina As

    Guest blogging also help our blog to get quality backlinks. In Google's era Panda like this I think is very important to do so

  3. Web Design Florida

    It is nice information about starting of guest blogging. Definitely your tips are useful for new people who don't know guest blogging. I know about guest blogging it is so helpful for link building and to get traffic.

  4. Rob@optimize blog

    Exposure is what others think f they start to guest blog. Also, having the most authenticated traffic is what others considered to help them higher rank in Page ranking.

  5. Mr.Bhavesh

    I have currently started guest blogging and posting around 2 guest post per month.It had improved my website traffic as well as I got pagerank 2 recently updated by Google.

  6. Gus

    I’m getting into guest blogging right now as it’s one of the “real” way to build backlinks without looking spammy in the eyes of google. Traffic, trust, building brand awareness, all of that is just a bonus to me.

  7. Edward

    Guest blogging is definitely worth the effort and if you are consistent in your efforts it won’t be long before you will notice your site ranking better and your traffic increasing.

  8. Iteire Apollos

    Guest blogging has become so important after panda and penguin. So the best off-page SEO campaign right now is guest blogging. If you are scared of going into guest blogging, don’t get scared. You can do it and most importantly it will increase your writing experience and confidence.

  9. DigitalBuzzy

    I just registered on MBG. I found an amazing platform for finding good and quality articles. Now I got the point, why we need to start guest blogging.

  10. ViperGoy Blog

    I’m getting into guest blogging right now as it’s one of the “real” way to build backlinks without looking spammy in the eyes of google. Traffic, trust, building brand awareness, all of that is just a bonus to me.

  11. Andy Enriquez

    I have never guest blogged before. I always felt it as an intimidating thing since I do not know the proper etiquette and requirements necessary. However, after bumping into so many posts/articles that discussed its benefits, I’m convinced that it should be part of my strategies for 2014. I’m very happy to have “accidentally” found this network. It’s unique and important.



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