a_pigeon_flock_at_their_old_pigeonryToday was the last day of our spring contest! Hold your breath… We are counting results, and will announce all the winners this Thursday at our weekly twitter chat.

At the meantime April is over, and we are happy to introduce you the roundup of 20 guest posts published last month.

technology 1. 5 Must Have Attributes To Land A Junior SEO Job (via andy-morley.co.uk): So, you seem to be in search for a junior SEO but hardly imagine what you should ask during the interview as no experience? Just keep in mind these tips by Stacey Cavanagh of listingthings.co.uk and everything will go on wheels!

business 2. Freelancer Tricks to Accurately Estimate Deadlines (via aboutfreelance.com): I bet I’m not the only one who thinks deadlines to be a kind of the sword of Damocles. Are you the one? These helpful tricks by Karol K. of writersincharge.com helped me a lot, maybe you should try as well?

business3. How Small Business Can Compete for Search Engine Rankings (via startingaffiliatebusiness.com): Small doesn’t mean helpless. History has many examples when creativity wins over size and budgets. Rodney Warner of connectivewebdesign.com shows you the way how to make it true.

technology4. Mobile Web Development: Understanding Responsive Design (via templatelite.com): If a couple of years ago the main question concerning mobile web development was why and what for you needed it, now, with the course of time it changed to how to show your best in it. Chris Scarborough from bigcommerce.com knows exactly how.

technology5. Outsourced SQL Server Administration: Best Practices to Adhere to (via fitcom.co): To outsource or not to outsource? Jessica Maine from wardyit.com listed some options for you so that to make a decision.

technology6. Actually, Apple Didn’t Invent That (via droidologist.com): I would say that sometimes it’s not that essential who invented something, but who implemented it. But I’m an Apple geek 🙂

technology7. Six Mobile Web Design Tips For Dentistry Websites (via pagewow.com): Mobile dentistry.. even that is possible nowadays! Check this list of apps compiled for you by Dr. Robert D’Alfonso of dentalartist.com to know what it’s all about.

family 8. Stop Worrying – Just Love Them Unconditionally (via bobeeinc.wordpress.com): Yes, you got it right, it’s about kids. No love can be compared to mother’s love to her child, since it’s the only true love as to me – no special reasons, no conditions, the only pure feeling. Florence from worldtransformation.com will tell you more.

travel9. Hiking in the Wonderful and Beautiful Country of New Zealand (via timeinnz.com): I’m a LOTR fan, but even if not.. I love travelling. And when just taking a look at these pics, the wish to be there arises the same very time. Thanks to Steve Sterling from covermore.co.uk for new ideas on (hopefully) my next trip! 🙂

business10. 5 Questions When Hiring An ECommerce Web Developer (via internetbusinessmastermind.com): It’s always a question for a business owner how to find a web developer who would suit to the company needs. Dan Rapoport of dotcomweavers.com may advise.

home11. Five Steps To Choosing The Perfect Kitchen (via totallyhomeimprovement.com): In case you are doing kitchen design by yourself, Anna Trent from kitchenwhouse.co.uk has several hints for you which will definitely help you to succeed.

home12. How To Set The Right Temperature On Your Refrigerator (via howitoo.com): Shame on me, but before reading this article I couldn’t even thought that the temperature in a fridge could be that essential in many ways. Kirt Harrison from harrisonappliance.com is ready to tell you why and what you can do about it.

technology13. Beyond The Hype: A Critical Look At Google Glass (via blog.pre-pay-as-you-go.co.uk): As the first wave of excitement passed, now the criticism arising.. Is Google Glass good or bad? Does it harm or benefit you? You can take your own decision after reading this article by Dale Vernon of audubon-engineering.com.

entertainment14. Amazing 3D Printing Technologies (via fitcom.co): Do you watch The Big Bang Theory? Have you seen that episode where Howard and Raj bought a 3D printer? Actually it gave me the first idea how cool these printers are! 🙂 And Daniel from nextdayflyers.com really prooves them to be in his amazing article.

technology15. WordPress or Blogger (via cinnamon-peripherals.com): As to me it’s just a matter of personal preference. Mark Stubbles of acuitytraining.co.uk will help you to make a choice.

home16. Get Rid Of Boring Rooms Once And For All (via nanohome.org): Another home improvement topic this time by George from store.vinylsplash.com who will show you how to get rid of boredom when decorating your home once and for all.

family17. 4 Must Have iPhone Accessories For Mums (via techntechie.com): Anna from vistaprint.com.au readily shares them with you, so that to save your time and money.

car18. “Surfing” While Driving: A Dangerous Epidemic (via autoglassjim.wordpress.com): Lately I have seen already several social campaigns on FB by different creators against using mobile phones while driving. Let’s create awareness of its possible consequences today together with Jack Payton of tires-easy.com.

business19. 3 Lessons Printed Flyers Can Learn from Online Marketing (via sourcedemand.com): Seems it used to be vice versa before: non-virtual marketing was the source of ideas for online one. But times go by and things change, so till nowadays they have become as u unit and can’t already be imagined without one another. Randal Whitmore of solopress.com explains it in more details.

entertainment20. Photography-101: Best Phoneography Apps and Accessories (via digital-101.com): A friend of mine, who has recently bought the coolest professional camera, would object strongly, if she heard that phones would ever be able to replace cameras. In case you’d like to give it a try and shift to a phone, use this list of apps compiled by an author of instaedu.com from San Francisco.

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