Inside there are quite a few pretty much unique (dare I say “revolutionary”) features that help users to more effectively share their quality content on other blogs. One of such features is Articles Gallery.

You will never find a similar functionality: basically it allows members to expose their content to the gallery for blog owners to come to offer their blogs to publish the posts.

What are the benefits for guest authors?

Articles gallery - choose the offerIt often happens that you get inspired, write a post and have no good blog to publish your post. Or you have a project you want to promote, you write several related articles a week and you regularly need new blogs to publish these articles.

Articles Gallery helps in both the cases. It gives authors one place to publish the articles for blog owners to come and apply. This way, all you need is to spend time on writing a good post and then choose the best blog from the offers you receive.

>>> No time wasted on contacting the blog owners, pitching guest article offers, discussing the topics and reminding of the due publication date!

Guest authors are protected from content theft and unpublished content:

  • Only 1/3 of the article is visible to the Gallery Viewers;
  • If the blog owner fails to publish the post within a week, an email (and PM) reminder is sent to both the author and blogger. The author is thus enabled to revert the post back to the gallery (if the blogger doesn’t stick to the previously made agreement).

Articles Gallery

What are the benefits for blog owners?

Article GalleryDon’t feel like writing a good post today (or maybe you are just too busy to) but need to update your blog with fresh content? – Visit Articles Gallery and choose one, completely unique article on the topic you need.

More benefits:

  • Filter articles by category and tags (to find the best fit for your blog)
  • Subscribe to email alerts of new articles on your topic (to quickly apply or just get updated without even logging in to the forum);
  • See the article info: title, short description, preview, number of words, tags, etc.

How is the feature unique?

We are very proud of the feature for the few reasons:

  • It promotes distribution of free unique content;
  • It makes guest posting easier to scale;
  • It is based on the win-win situation (you don’t like the post?- You are free not to apply. Don’t like the blog? – You are free to reject the offer).

How Can I See the Feature in Action?

We have created a nice video for you to see Article Gallery in action – enjoy!

Post image by Bert K

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Founder at MyBlogGuest
Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the platform.

10 Responses to “Articles Gallery: How to Effectively Build Contacts Through Great Content”

  1. Tommy

    This looks like a great tool Thank you so much for sharing!!! I just signed up at the site and will read through how it works and watch the video.

  2. Abby Gilmore

    I love, but I'm excited about this feature! Seems like it will be super useful. I think the articles gallery is a great addition to the site.

  3. Kathy

    Looks promising. At least from the outside it does. I am considering how this would potentially fit my goals with my one particular blog. I am currently sitting on a whole bunch of posts that I am saving for future publication. I would be interested in seeing a big list of prominent websites that get their guest blog posts from here.

  4. web design la

    The tool benefits shows that this is actually effective one and profitable. I can see blog owner and guest author both could apparently head up the community through this article gallery. Thanks for reporting such great tool.



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