We are entering an exciting era in digital marketing: When marketers are grown-up enough to understand one truth: You CANNOT depend on only one tactic.


It’s weird that marketing misunderstanding even existed in the digital world: After all, aren’t we all aware of the old good saying “You don’t put all the eggs in one basket”?


Sadly, Google is to blame… And don’t get me wrong: I don’t think Google is (or was) evil. I am sure many of their motives were very good in nature. It’s the reason why it backfired. Digital marketing was so young when Google popped up. In fact, they were almost born at the same time. And by saying “Build links and we’ll send you traffic” Google killed marketing right away. They are still not sure what to do about that. Google traffic was so easy and so rewarding. There’s no denying the fact that it’s one of the best converting traffic up to day. It has always been too good to be true and now it’s almost over…


Moving Away from Low-Hanging Fruit

One by one, Google has killed or has almost killed everything that used to be a quick and effective way to make money online: Exact-match domains (and with them, niche affiliate mini-sites) lost rankings, paid and exact-match links have become too dangerous… Even huge sites like Expedia which have historically depended on Google for long-tail rankings, have been hit by Google penalties.



Truth is, instead of working on perfecting their link-dependent algorithm, Google has been working on making SEO too scary and risky to even try.

One of my friends has put it nicely “I don’t envy today’s webmaster”. That’s just because it’s no longer as easy as it used to be! But it’s REAL nowadays. More and more of us keep wondering: “Now that Google doesn’t want us to take any active steps to get ranked, what should we do?”

Smart marketers now get it: We’ll find other ways to exist online, with or without Google. And again, don’t get me wrong: I don’t recommend blocking your site from Google (which would be a stupid recommendation). I say: Stop depending on Google. I don’t always agree with @randfish (I don’t always agree with anyone :)) but let me visually quote:

No Google

Love it or hate it, Google is forcing us to forget about Google rankings. And this, in turn, forces most of us to do REAL marketing (Which turns out to be a good thing after all!).

Let me break it to you: It’s not Google that is to blame. It’s that if that’s ALL you care about, your marketing efforts are doomed to failure.

All #myblogguest Twitter chats in February will be about this: Building your business online without depending on anything.



Building Solid and Reliable Assets

Nowadays we are forced to build solid digital assets which will keep us independent of any algorithm whims. And that’s a good thing! Here’s what we’ll start from:

  • Brand name (Do you know what traffic converts even better than search traffic? Word-of-mouth traffic! Those are people who come form recommendation; who are already convinced to follow you and buy from you!)


  • Community (The one that helps and fuels Word-of-Mouth)





  • Content that drives other types of traffic besides search traffic.


[Mind that ALL of the above assets help in search rankings too as they drive potential links and other good signals which Google likes]

Let’s get real!

Now, let me close with this link: It doesn’t give you any specific strategies but it does make you think. Please take time to read it through:


Let’s help each other to create strategies to succeed!

Stay tuned for the next Thursday’s Twitter chat talking about how to get traffic without Google (And please prepare your tips too! We are eager to learn)!


Also, check out my #AtomicChat Twitter chat I did last week!

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  1. Dylan Sun

    Great stuff! Totally agree on “Google forcing us to forget about Google rankings.” It’s a much more fun process building links the NATURAL way (relying on quality content to generate word-of-mouth).


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