We always remember how important content is! That’s why we couldn’t miss a chance to talk on content re-marketing with someone who knows for sure what it is.

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This week we have a guest in our chat room! Our guest is Kev Massey @kevmassey, Internet Marketing and SEO lover based in London.

Kev Massey is Internet Marketing Director at @sixtymarketing

Kev has been in the web design and internet marketing industry since 2002, so he has a lot to share πŸ™‚ And today we’ll talk about content re-marketing

Q1 What is Content Re-Marketing? How does it work?

Updating old blog posts and re-marketing them to keep the buzz alive about your post. This should be done every 3-6 months for all posts.





Q2 Please share a couple of content re-marketing examples / case studies to illustrate it better

We promoted this post 3 times now since we first published it back in May 2013. Total number of page view is 1847 and growing (recently been redirected).

Q3 Any pitfalls / words of caution? Can it be abused?

Over promotion can kill your followers. this is why we suggest re-marketing every 3-6 months. Your followers do not want the same content shoved in their face every few days!

Q4 With millions of things we have to do nowadays, how to effectively scale content re-marketing?

Content re-marketing is just as important as promoting new content. Never forget about any of your old posts, they are just as important as your new posts! Always remember to keep old content updated.


Q5 Further reading: Please link us to your favorites re-marketing guides

We are in the process of creating a series of re-marketing training videos. these will be available for free next month.

Q6 How do you identify those old articles that need / are worthy of additional push?

Tracking Google Analytics, social shares, and inbound links. If there dragging, give them a push!


Q7 @kevmassey How exactly do you re-market old content? Write an update? Push on social? Anything else?

We re-market old posts through social media and some really good blog platforms.

Q8 @ViralContentBuz is one of the best ways to promote old (& new) content on your blog. I know you are using ViralContentBuzz… Any feedback? Please share your experience!

@viralcontentbuzz is by far the best way to get social shares and visitors quickly!

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