Join MyBlogGuest Twitter chat!This week we’ve had the featured user of our Articles Gallery to join our #myblogguest Twitter chat and share his way of making the most of guest posting and our platform.

Dave Fowler (@erocketSEO) manages inbound marketing at Find Me A Gift & shares cool links at eRocketSEO.

There has been lots of insight shared. The whole chat is storified here. Here’s the summary:

Content Brainstorming

Here are 5 methods @erocketSEO use to generate ideas for guest blogging

Blog Tip 1: Don’t follow the herd. Be original. Don’t just rewrite what others have already published.

Blog Tip 2: Run a Lotus Blossom creative thinking session to produce a quantity of initial ideas: take a single subject, break it into 8 themes and break those themes into 8 facets to get 64 points!

Lotus Blossom

Blog Tip 3: Mix up words & themes. What fun ideas emerge? Example: dinosaur & work…

Blog Tip 4: Browse Flickr creative commons for great images that inspire post ideas. Example

Also here: search Flickr groups and challenges for lots of inspiration! Here’s more on brainstorming the link-baity content.

Blog Tip 5: To refine & improve an initial idea nothing beats bouncing ideas around and getting the input of others.

MyBlogGuest Articles Gallery Tips

And now, here come the @erocketSEO top 5 tips to get the best guest blogging results from the gallery.

Blog Tip 6: Vary the categories you post to, to keep writing fresh and widen the pool of blogs you appeal to.

Blog Tip 7: Use the 3 post allowance in gallery to present a variety of writing styles – funny, serious, lists etc.

Blog Tip 8: Don’t just accept high PageRank blogs. Think contextual fit & engagement. Example

=> Find new blogs with huge potential – you’ll grow together!

Blog Tip 9: Write a compelling title, to get attention both in the gallery AND when published.

Blog Tip 10: Finally is more than the gallery. Search bloggers by tag or category, visit their blog, send them ideas!

Thanks, Dave, for lots of awesome tips!

Next week, Thursday, 11 AM EDT (3 PM GMT) we’ll have the cool team of SEOGadget to share there content strategy as well! Stay tuned! Follow #myblogguest

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